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The Illixer’s Songs Of The Year (2014)

by Miracle
**Editor’s Note: So once again I sat down and sifted through all of the music submissions/posts from January of this year until November of this year to create a playlist of song favorites for readers to enjoy. Since it is impossible to include every single track that I liked, I just picked two or so from each month. I also made sure to try to include artists who didn’t make the list last year as well as to mix it up between local & non-local acts. There was so much content to consider and a ton more currently in my inbox, so it was by no means an easy task. But I think I got a solid collective here. I hope that everyone has as much fun checking out the music as I did revisiting it. Congrats to all of the artists who made it. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to all of the future fresh new music and faces that are yet to come. Stay tuned! -MinM

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