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The Illixer’s Songs Of The Year (2013)

by Miracle
**Editor’s Note: So I was having a discussion with my Blaqlizt Music Entertainment family and they wanted to know what type of post I was going to do to acknowledge The Illixer‘s two year anniversary today. I didn’t have any set ideas, so they suggested I create a playlist with some of my favorite songs from the submissions I’ve received this year. I thought that would be pretty dope and it’s something that can easily be turned into a tradition. So I went all the way back to January and sifted through tunes up until yesterday’s date (12/3). The above list is the end result. It is by no means all of the songs that I have enjoyed and not to mention there is still plenty of material in my inbox. It would just be humanly impossible to include everything. So please don’t feel offended if you did not make the list. Tomorrow marks the start of a new cycle. So there is a chance that you could make the 2014 list. Thank you to all of the readers & supporters for a wonderful second year. Can’t wait to discover what the third one brings. Enjoy the music! -MinM

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Rockz December 5, 2013 - 8:33 am

I LOVE NUBIAN GIRLS !!& ALSO MY HAIR IS SO FLY! <- those songs match a style that is so sick. id love to see those two collab!!


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