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Tr3y (formerly known as Montrey Slayton) hasn’t been on the site in a while. Since the last time we’ve heard from him, he’s undergone quite the transformation. He’s decided to utilize his talents to reach people in a more spiritual way. That’s right, he is now officially a Gospel artist. But he’s added his own twist to the genre. He recently connected with the Life + Music = team to share a little bit about his transition. Check it out after the break.

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As previously mentioned, this past Thursday (6/18) marked the release of #ISupport Volume 4 (R&B Edition) featuring various local artists and put together by music scene favorite Heather Marie. To honor the big day, the queen of support put together an event at The Mason Jar with Inferno on the tables and the one and only S-Class as the host.

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The one and only Montrey Slayton released the second single off of his upcoming Melody Within EP a little while back. It’s a bit of a change of pace from the regretful themed lead track. This one is coined “Take It Off” and is produced by JusaMelody. It is described as a smooth and sexy number for the female persuasion. That’s a pretty accurate summary.

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**Note: MKE Center Stage is a new segment to the site that will place a bit of spotlight on new releases and such from the bevy of talent in the 414. There are so many individuals involved in the local entertainment scene that it is impossible to keep up with everyone, let alone craft separate posts for all of their endeavors. But that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be some type of acknowledgment. So every once in a while we’re going to peruse our sources and let readers know what’s popping in the Mil-Town.

Montrey Slayton – “Cake” (Video)

414 crooner Montrey Slayton dropped visuals for his hit song “Cake” towards the end of 2014. The video is shot by 40Mil and stars local model/actress Natasha Nafrini. It’s a polished and tastefully done compliment to the anthem that deals with conflicts of the heart. It also has an ending that may just take the viewer by surprise. Though it’s been out for a while, it’s certainly a must see.

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“Love Drug” (previous review) / “Love Drug” (video)

414 crooner Montrey Slayton is gearing up to release a new EP. In order for his fans to appreciate where he’s going though, Montrey thought they should first get a taste of where he’s been. So he decided to place his last project Love At First Sight back online. The collective was originally released in October of 2013 and includes the smash hit “Love Drug.” There are also guest appearances from artists such as Young Major and Ill Grammar. There is a healthy assortment of producers on deck too. Continue reading after the break to find out how The Illixer enjoyed revisiting the ten track offering.