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Tr3y Q&A (Life + Music =)

by Miracle


Tr3y (formerly known as Montrey Slayton) hasn’t been on the site in a while. Since the last time we’ve heard from him, he’s undergone quite the transformation. He’s decided to utilize his talents to reach people in a more spiritual way. That’s right, he is now officially a Gospel artist. But he’s added his own twist to the genre. He recently connected with the Life + Music = team to share a little bit about his transition. Check it out after the break.

Life + Music =: What make music home for you?

Tr3y: When I think of home, I think of a place that’s warm, comfortable, and my own. That’s exactly what music is to me. It’s what keeps me sane and nobody can take it away from me. It’s where love, pain, and happiness is. Without it, I’m out in the cold.

L+M=: What inspires you to create your sound?

Tr3y: I always wanna be different. And seeing that I’m doing Gospel music, the way I’m creating is unheard of. More people have combined Hip-Hop with Gospel but I’m combining R&B. Which is something nobody has done before. I just want to create something that people can vibe to without even knowing that it’s Gospel music.

L+M=: What are three key attributes needed to be a successful artist?

Tr3y: Number one, invest in yourself. Nobody will give you anything. You have to pay for what you want. Know your audience and use that as a marketing tool. Number two, quality over quantity. I would rather do one awesome song and push that for a year than do 100 mediocre songs that nobody want to hear. Number three, work harder than everybody else. If you are a songwriter, and somebody is writing 10 songs a day, then you do 20!

L+M=: What is your message and how can we hear it?

Tr3y: I always keep it clear that I want to reach the young people. With radio, television, etc. All you see is the negative. And that phrase “you are what you eat” is very true. All our kids see is the violence on television and in music. I wanna give them music wit beats that they hear every day but with a better message. You can be young, still rock J’s, and love Jesus too!

L+M=: Where do you see your career in five years?

Tr3y: Man …. I see me rocking crowds of thousands!!! But, more importantly, I would like to see me inspire people to be themselves and not conform to the box that religion has put us in.

L+M=: What does life plus music equal to you?

Tr3y: Music is a huge part of life. If a person could hear your playlist on your phone or wherever, you can get a sense of who that person is. Music brings people together. One song can bring you a lifetime of relationships. It’s conversation starters. It’s even deal breakers. It can turn a long day into a short day. Music feeds the soul of every individual.

 Life + Music = Tr3y

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