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BeFunky Collage

Fantasea Jules is a member of the infamous local Milwaukee collective, BTS Models. In addition to gracing the camera with her beauty, she also happens to have some skills on the dancing front. She took some time out of her schedule to discuss both of these passions and more with the Life + Music = team. Check out her mini interview after the break.

BeFunky Collage

Marcus & Mikias are twin graphic designers with an extremely unorthodox style. Representing for the city of Atlanta, the duo have been creating together for quite some time now. They credit Anime as their inspiration for becoming so heavily involved with the world of art. Their work is known for being bright, colorful, and unusual with a bit of regal symbolism thrown into the mix. They pride themselves on bringing a revitalizing spin to imagery that would otherwise be seen as nothing special. The pair operate under the imprint of Illustraight Designs. Recently, Life + Music = got a chance to pick the twins’ minds for a brief interview. Check it out below.


Life + Music = is not only just an interview staple here on the site. The fellas have their hands in a variety of other ventures as well. This includes a music label. One of the first artists signed to their imprint is a guy that goes by the name of Timmy Comix. Comix is a 414 bred talent inspired by the 90’s era of music as well as the late great Tupac Shakur. Over the years, he has molded & shaped his craft to the point where he is regarded as an artist ahead of his time. Ready to take the music world by storm, he is currently pushing the video for his record dubbed “1994.”


Tr3y (formerly known as Montrey Slayton) hasn’t been on the site in a while. Since the last time we’ve heard from him, he’s undergone quite the transformation. He’s decided to utilize his talents to reach people in a more spiritual way. That’s right, he is now officially a Gospel artist. But he’s added his own twist to the genre. He recently connected with the Life + Music = team to share a little bit about his transition. Check it out after the break.


Marissa Martinez is a social media personality who hails from Texas. She came across the attention of the Life + Music = team due to her captivating presence and ability to engage with people online. She also happens to be a pretty big music lover as well. Not everyone who makes an impact on the world has to be some major celebrity or talent. Some people just have a special vibe about them. Get to know Miss Martinez a little bit better by checking out her Q&A after the break.