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Fantasea Jules Q&A (Life + Music =)

by Miracle

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Fantasea Jules is a member of the infamous local Milwaukee collective, BTS Models. In addition to gracing the camera with her beauty, she also happens to have some skills on the dancing front. She took some time out of her schedule to discuss both of these passions and more with the Life + Music = team. Check out her mini interview after the break.

Life + Music =: How does dance help you with modeling?

Fantasea Jules: Dance has helped me with modeling in different ways; such as structure, form, facial expressions, and body posture. When dancing I have always been given the advice to “make your moves big,” and I also put that into action when modeling. Although for a photo-shoot you are expected to be still to capture the image or moment, I am still able to make my moves big by posing with exaggeration and length, and when I walk the runway you better believe I strut! When dancing, facial expressions are important because although your body is doing all the movement your facial expressions will explain how you’re feeling. When modeling facial expressions are that much more important because you are now making a statement while remaining still. The same goes for body positions the way you pose, your structure, your form, all that says something about you. You should be able to tell your audience a story by just your pose, or just your look.

L+M=: Five years from now, where would you like to be in your modeling career?

 FJ: In five years I want to be well known in the modeling industry. I want to be that model on the cover of different magazines. I want to walk in all the high fashion runway fashion shows around the world. Some may say I am dreaming too big, but I believe I can do it all with God’s blessing. For me the sky is the limit!

L+M=: What’s that one song that gets you hype and ready to be in model mode?

 FJ: I have a lot of favorite songs so it’s hard to just pick one. If I must pick one that really gets me hype and puts me in model mode it would have to be “Feeling Myself” by Nicki Minaj featuring Beyonce. That song really helps build my confidence and bring out my alter ego.

 L+M=: Whats your music of choice to dance to and why?

FJ: My music of choice to dance to is Hip-Hop because I like to dance however the music makes me feel. Hip-Hop music usually has a fast pace beat that allows me to dance freely with no limits. It allows me to go hard and tell a story through dance. I also feel like Hip-Hop music allows me to make my moves big. Go big or go home!

L+M=: What does life plus music equal to you?

FJ: Life plus music equals living. Music does so much for so many different people. Music affects everyone differently whether it’s the melody or the lyrics, either way it’s like therapy. To me life without music would be like incompletion, or like something is missing. To live doesn’t mean you’re alive, and music makes life complete and worth living.

Life + Music = Fantasea Jules


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