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This is my first time really taking a listen to Timmy Comix (though he has been featured on the site before). I’ve noticed he’s been making some moves and he just recently dropped an EP titled, $TTCSLL (SpaceTimmyTimmyComixSippinGreenLexLuth). Pretty extravagant title, If I do say so myself.

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4 Your Eyez Only (iTunes)

**Editor’s Note: J. Cole shook up the music world when he unexpectedly dropped two new songs & videos, a documentary, and the release date for a brand new project earlier this month. That’s a big way to makes one’s presence felt again. Especially since one of the singles (“False Prophets”) is said to be aimed at fellow rappers Kanye West and Wale. Though the tracks were not set to appear on the new LP, they made quite an impact and generated hype all the same. The new project (released 12/9) is coined 4 Your Eyez Only and one of The Illixer‘s affiliates decided to send over their thoughts on the collective. Peep what they had to say after the break.

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It has been a minute since there has been a review and the reason why is because there has been a LOT to review. We have had a lot of albums / mixtapes come and go these last few weeks, many of those have required me to give them multiple listens. Call it a matter of indifference, call it intuition, but they definitely required as much attention as possible. For this review, I’m going to list the projects I have wanted to review over the last month and in fifty words or less, give you my opinion on these efforts. Let me just get this out of the way right now. If you’re a fan of any of these artists, you’ve been warned.

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Beauty Behind The Madness (iTunes)

It has been a rocky relationship with Abel Tesfaye and myself. Starting with his debut mixtape, House of Balloons, The Weeknd spearheaded an alternative to the more conventional side of R&B. Don’t get me wrong, there was machismo, there was debauchery, much like what you would find in a Chris Brown song. Yet in The Weeknd’s material, his songs bled a nihilism and darkness never before seen in R&B. Drugs, money, sex (and lots of it), Abel is unapologetic in his depravity and in a short time, his music engaged many listeners, everyone …. except me.