• Running Street Hip-Hop Worldwide: Doughboyz Cashout (Q&A)

    March 18, 2014 • Interviews, Mixtapes, New Artists, New Music, True Hip-Hop, VideosComments (0)

    DoughBoy CashOut(Photo By Destiny Lloyd)

    The Detroit rap scene was forever changed in 2006 when the group Doughboyz Cashout was officially formed. Two street crews came together to combine their talents and began a takeover that would soon gain them the attention of one the hood’s favorite rap superstars, Young Jeezy. They signed to his CTE World imprint in 2013 and have been quickly making a name for themselves throughout the Mid-West with plans to soon conquer other regions as well. They recently came through the 414 courtesy of the Big Heff Industry tour to do a few interviews and shake up a local venue. Find out what happened when The Illixer got a hold of the fellas after the break. Continue Reading

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  • Vanessa Elisha – “Midnight Swim”

    April 24, 2014 • New Music, Real R&B, ReviewsComments (0)

    VE - PRESS1(Photos By Vanessa Elisha)

    Remember Australian beauty Vanessa Elisha? She was last on the site when her Don’t Go EP dropped back in June. Readers can view that post here. Now she’s ready to take on 2014 in the hopes that the new year will turn out just as good if not better than her breakout year did. To help jump start her new music cycle, Vanessa Elisha recently released a fresh single coined “Midnight Swim” produced by GXNXVS. Continue Reading

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  • Keeqs F/ $Young Roy$ & Yung Tuck – “Roll Sum’n”

    April 24, 2014 • New Music, Reviews, True Hip-HopComments (0)

    artworks-000074138967-ufn521-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

    Fresno based rapper Keeqs has graced the site with yet another single. This one is dubbed “Roll Sum’n” and entails a couple of guest appearances from fellow artists $Young Roy$ & Yung Tuck. As the 420 holiday was just a few short days ago, thought it would be fitting to share with readers. The song is slated to appear on Keeqs’ pending project TNOS (The New Old School). The production here is suave. The proportionate base, graceful musical ingredients, trendy rhythm, and magnetic vibe result in a five star blend. The hook is prime. The delivery has a likeable melody to it and the lyrics are easy to retain. The verses are a hit. $Young Roy$ gets the party started, Keeqs maintains the momentum on the second verse, and Yung Tuck comes in with a strong finish. The trio present individualized flows, on the ball wordplay, and premier rhymes. They did a flawless job of generating an anthem that would elicit approval from any smoker. A handful of lines worth mentioning from Keeqs are: “We just getting turnt. And f–king ’til that sun rises. F—k the bull. And f–k the surprises. Life is good is what I’m realizing. And them haters gone hate. They gone keep lying. I tasted reality. Nearly drowned in it. Now paradise my kingdom. I just lounge in it. Girl you wanna roll with a n—a? Then baby roll sum’n for a n—a.” Those are some savvy bars right there. As a whole, this is a first-string record.

    **My Two Cents: This was a cool cut. The trio complimented each other quite well and the production was finespun. I think smokers and non-smokers alike will be able to feel and jam out to this track. Readers should give it a spin for sure. TNOS (The New Old School) is due out this Summer. So be sure to keep those eyes and ears peeled. Catch up with Keeqs on Twitter to stay up to date with all of his musical dealings. -MinM

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  • Qewl Miles – ARToFFiciaL (EP Review)

    April 22, 2014 • Milwaukee's Finest, New Album, New Music, Reviews, True Hip-HopComments (0)

    chaz artoffcial

    414 talent Qewl Miles hasn’t graced the pages of The Illixer in over a year. He’s been expanding his resume by working behind the scenes. He linked up with the one and only Philly Fly Boy to start learning the business of shooting music videos. The pair have been knocking out visuals from here to the ATL for artists such as T.I. and Trae Tha Truth, just to name a few. But Qewl has not forgotten about his music. He recently put out a brand new EP coined, ARToFFiciaL. It consists of eleven tracks and enlists guest appearances from the likes of: $killz, Lou.E Motto, Trae The Truth, etc. Take a peek after the break to discover which tunes truly gelled with the site.

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  • Cardiac Da Pulse – “See Me Fall”

    April 21, 2014 • Milwaukee's Finest, New Album, New Artists, New Music, Reviews, True Hip-HopComments (0)

    The Shaded Grey EP

    Cardiac Da Pulse is an artist here in Milwaukee who has been in the game now for quite some time. He reps for Red Division Music. He has worked in all aspects of the music world but is currently operating as a solo artist. As part of his solo endeavors, he is preparing to release a brand new project entitled The Shaded Grey EP. His first leak off of the EP, “Politics As Usual” was a hit amongst listeners and presented a more relaxed thoughtful side to his style. But there is alot more to the 414 emcee. To demonstrate that fact, he reached out to the site to help him break the album’s second single, “See Me Fall.” Catch the rundown on the track below. Continue Reading

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  • Synik & Rod McCoy – “Rolling Stoned”

    April 20, 2014 • New Album, New Artists, New Music, Reviews, True Hip-HopComments (0)

    artworks-000077087127-ix89t2-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

    The homie Rod McCoy (Audible Hustle Entertainment) wanted the smokers out there to have a little something to celebrate their day with. So he sent over a track from Selah, his collaboration project with fellow artist Synik. The duo have a selection on the collective dubbed “Rolling Stoned” that’s perfectly fitting for those 420 playlists or just any smoking session really. The production here is fluent. The quiet bass, atmospheric background elements, low-pressure tempo, and free-spirited vibe result in a magnetic blend. The hook is on point too. The delivery is entertaining and the lyrics are suitable. The verses are of a four star quality. Synik and Rod McCoy exhibit likeable flows laced with strong Southern accents, adept wordplay, and exceptional rhymes. They guide the listener through a typical day that incorporates them taking part in a little mind elevation. A handful of memorable lines are: “The Coup bucket seated. The leather treated. Tinted windows keep what’s going on inside a secret. Hit the gas and the pipes roar like a Prehistoric beast. Chopping up yo avenue. Eat yo streets with saber teeth. You can’t compete. So save yo gas and slow down lil buddy. This here for grown folks. Go hang ya jacket in ya cubby.” Those are quite the silver-tongued bars right there. Overall, this is a super dope record.
    **My Two Cents: Even though I don’t smoke, I think this track goes hard. I loved the sound and the content was fresh. Synik & Rod McCoy remind me of like an old school Outkast or the YoungBloodZ. They have a really slick style about them. This is the second song that I’ve heard from Selah and thoroughly enjoyed. It’s shaping up to be a seriously hot project and I can’t wait to get the chance to share it with readers. -MinM

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  • Mad Static – Basquiat (Album Review)

    April 19, 2014 • Milwaukee's Finest, New Album, New Music, Reviews, True Hip-HopComments (0)

    a3600652379_10(Photo By Sean Smart)

    Haven’t heard from the homie Mad Static since his biting honest Q&A that he granted the site exactly a year ago today. If readers missed it or they just want to visit it again, they can check it out here. Since that time Static has dropped his long awaited Basquiat project. The album came together over the course of six months. It stems from a rough period in the emcee’s life where he was struggling to figure out what exactly his place was in the Hip-Hop scene. He teamed up with fellow Higher Education Records member Filippo Styles and channeled all of his adverse emotions, thoughts, etc; into music. The result is a ten track collective that he describes as: ” … unorthodox, original, and absolutely fucked up in more ways than one. All of the twisted thoughts and pent-up angst that I had bottled in, is all let out here.” And of course there is a little inspiration from multifaceted artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. So what was the end result of all of these elements coming together? Find out after the break. Continue Reading

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  • Introducing New Artist Stevie Luxx

    April 18, 2014 • Milwaukee's Finest, New Artists, New Music, ReviewsComments (0)

    artworks-000072495114-oxjwhu-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

    “DarkSide” (preview)

    “Timmy” F/ Boys Like Britain (listen/download)

    It’s always nice to see new artists pop up on the scene. So without further ado, meet Stevie Luxx. Stevie Luxx is an eclectic rapper fresh to the game from right here in Milwaukee, WI and he’s repping for the 6-60-6 Klan. His music is described as a mixture of genres that includes: Trip Pop, Cloud Rap, Based Rap, and Underground. The song that got him on the site’s radar is called “DarkSide.” The production for the single is hot. It’s got a heavy infrastructure, sinister musical elements, a mid-tempo pace, and a vibe that is all business. The hook is pretty cool too. The delivery is creative and attention grabbing. The lyrics are quality and to the point. The verses are decent. Stevie Luxx exhibits an intriguing flow, cutting wordplay, and aggressive rhymes. With lines like: “Took ‘em out with the scope. (…) Staying trill, getting paid, bad b—h with the braids. Making money all day cause I gotsta get paid. Homies blacked out. We rave in a rover for days;” he makes a hard hitting impression on the listener. As a whole, the song is pretty slick. Rumor has it that there may be a video for the record later on down the line. So that’s something to look forward to. Continue Reading

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  • Maryann – “You And Me” (Song & Video)

    April 17, 2014 • New Album, New Music, Real R&B, Reviews, VideosComments (0)

    YouandMeCoverArt(Photo By The N-Crowd Entertainment)

    “You And Me” (preview)

    Maryann (The N-Crowd Entertainment) has been dropping tracks left and right these past few weeks. Her latest effort is called “You And Me.” The single will be featured on her upcoming project Futuristic Always and she also released a set of visuals for the track. The song was produced by N8 The Gr8. The production here is serene. The subtle base, expressive secondary components, conservative tempo, and mild vibe work effortlessly together. The hook is concise. The delivery is low profile and the lyrics are lucid. The verses are likeable. Maryann administers soft vocals and candied lyrics. She speaks in great detail on the fondness that she has for her significant other. A couple of lines worth soaking up are: “Take your time. Let it be. Enjoy your essence surrounding me. Back and forth. You and me. Slow love. Let’s (…) love and make it all it could be. High and low. Emotion of the sea. Came to the surface and baby now I can’t breathe. (…) Do everything. Love since I found you I finally feel complete. All the things I never did before got me feeling like I never lived before. So I’m feeling how could you ever ask for more.” Those are some very doting words right there. Overall, this is a fetching selection. Continue Reading

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  • Watley Yeltaw – “Up”

    April 16, 2014 • Milwaukee's Finest, New Music, ReviewsComments (0)

    artworks-000074849585-hc2frt-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

    “Up” (preview)

    Milwaukee’s own Watley Yeltaw is currently pushing a new single titled “Up.” The song will appear on his next upcoming full length mixtape. The production here is fly. It largely incorporates a sample of “On & On” which was a chart topping 90′s hit by Soul/R&B singer Erykah Badu. The rich groovy down to earth instrumental still has a classic essence about it even after all these years. The hook is decent. The delivery is easy to comprehend and the lyrics are customary. The verses are up to standard. Watley Yeltaw issues out a befitting flow, quality wordplay, and gratifying rhymes. He pays his respects to a lady that has caught his attention while at the same time showing love to one of his favorite recreational activities. A couple of lines worth taking notice of are: “Hate messages they sending like they all came with typos. Don’t tell her that I’m different. Cause that would be a lie. Whisper F it, I’m a try. I ain’t trying to kill no vibes. She tells me she’s an artist. I reply so am I.” Those are some non-complex yet breezy bars right there. All in all, this song is deserving of a spin or two.

    **My Two Cents: I thought this was a neat track. Watley’s flow fit the sample extremely well and the content had a nice light feel to it. I liked the way he intertwined expressing his interest in a female with his affinity for smoking. The lyrics could have been slightly stronger though. Especially given the record he chose to utilize. But as a whole, I certainly think readers should give “Up” an ear when they have a chance. -MinM

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  • Taylor Mallory – TaylorMade (EP Review)

    April 14, 2014 • New Album, New Music, Real R&B, ReviewsComments (0)

    artworks-000075763547-ni4xly-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

    “Olivia Pope” (previous review)

    “Footage” (previous review)

    TaylorMade (listen/download)

    Just a few short days ago, Taylor Mallory (Level Next Music) officially hit his supporters with his debut EP, TaylorMade. It’s an eleven track offering that depicts Taylor’s experiences on his hunt for the woman who was especially crafted just for him. He’s already blown up media sites and airwaves alike with two hit singles off of the project: “Footage” and “Olivia Pope.” Thus the expectations for the remainder of the collective were pretty high. He’s been receiving lots of praise since the release, so the non-leaked material must have made the grade as well amongst his fans. Venture beyond the break to see if The Illixer agrees with the masses. Continue Reading

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