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DJ Mike Smoove is a long time member of the Core DJs. He has also worked with some of the hottest names in music, comedy, and sports. If that wasn’t enough, he has held his own at premiere venues all over the map as well. So couldn’t think of a better person to be spotlighted on the first That’s My DJ of 2016. Continue reading after the break to get to know a little bit more about the west coast sensation.

pain_bboy3_web(Photo By DJ Pain 1)

DJ Pain 1 is a major name within the indie music scene. Artists aspire to get him on their projects and faithfully share his videos of wisdom pertaining to the music business on social media. So The Illixer had to reach out to him for the revamp of That’s My DJ and he graciously responded. Find out what all we discovered about the popular man behind the 1’s and 2’s after the jump.

image(Photo By DJ YRS Jerzy)

DJ YRS Jerzy was  introduced to readers last month via a collaboration he did with another artist who is a regular on the site, Malik Ferraud. Readers can get the rundown on it here. The initial post went so well that he was interested in sharing his own individual story with The Illixer and it just so happens that there was an opening for this month’s segment of That’s My DJ. So venture beyond the break to get to know the New Jersey talent a little bit better.

_MG_4307(Photo By DJ Trill Will)

DJ Trill Will is a strong site affiliate as well as an exceptionally regarded nationwide persona amongst the DJ circuit. From traditional spinning gigs to hosting radio shows to artist development; he uses his platform to keep his hands involved in a little bit of everything. Continue reading after the jump to find out more about this ambitious individual and his numerous endeavors.

me 5(Photo By Tony DuBose)

This month’s featured talent for That’s My DJ is the one and only DJ Deftone. He is a popular as well as highly respected name around the Mil. So when the opportunity came to get him on the site and introduce him to readers, it was a must go. Learn about his eclectic music tastes, extensive educational credentials, and more after the break.