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Smallwood F/ Young Buck – “Ain’t Like Y’all”

by Miracle

“Ain’t Like Y’all” (Stream Here)

Southern rapper Smallwood hasn’t been featured on the site in a while but he’s definitely still been working. Last month he dropped a collaboration with veteran rapper, Young Buck. Continue reading to see what happened when the two Tennessee talents linked up.

The production here is very appealing. The even base, cushioned musical ingredients, casual rhythm, and reflective vibe are smartly matched. The hook is notable as well. The delivery is polished and the lyrics are real. The verses are stirring. Both rappers offer up patented flows, personal wordplay, and thought-provoking rhymes. They give relatable accounts of not giving up when life is taking it’s best shots. Peep as Smallwood spits: “Praying for a better day. Focused on the future. Trying to be better than I was yesterday. Feel like everybody crossed me. Got me out here by myself. But I’m mashin’ til’ I’m gone and I breathe my last breath.” One has to appreciate the sentiments being expressed within those bars right there. All in all, this is a choice selection.

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