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LABTW F/ Blakc Shiffe – “Backdoor N*ggas” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

The Reign (Stream Here)

About a month ago, readers were introduced to LAbtw via his song “Yea.” As mentioned, that was just one of the singles being pushed off of his current project, The Reign. The other track has him pairing up once again with site favorite Blakc Shiffe and is coined “Backdoor N*ggas.” The pair even shot a video for the record. And of course The Illixer has the breakdown for you. Continue reading to get all the deets.

The production here is of a premium quality. The weighted foundation, glossy musical elements, settled tempo, and sobering vibe result in a golden combination. The hook is a treasure too. The delivery is heartfelt and the lyrics are touching. The verses are deep. LAbtw kicks things off and Blakc Shiffe rounds off the play. The duo contribute versatile flows, vivid wordplay, and creative rhymes. They take the listener through a journey of betrayal from an unique point of view. Some signature bars from LAbtw include: “I guess the opps had more to offer. Like when the streetlights go out this s–t gets darker. I was on the rise but you was thinking more departure. Loyalty is valuable. I swear that s–t a cost ya.” Those bars right there just hit different. As a whole, this song is a smash.

The video for the tune was handled by Ocean Legacy Cinematic. It definitely gives hood film energy as the visual plays out the song’s theme of betrayal. The flick also emphasizes that perspective mentioned earlier as we see LA and Shiffe decked out in all white. Have you figured out the angle yet (Lol)? The camera work here is crisp, the transitions are spotless, and the effects are on point. My only complaint is that the viewer doesn’t get to actually see the ending. The audio is pretty transparent but nothing beats the impact of seeing something with your own eyes. Still worth setting aside about 4 minutes and taking a peek though.

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