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LAbtw F/ Blakc Shiffe – “Yea”

by Miracle

The Reign (Stream Here)

Another new face hit the site’s radar this week. Readers meet LAbtw. He’s a 414 veteran with community ties who is looking to spin his narrative in a different direction. And what better way to do that than music? He recently dropped a 13 track album entitled The Reign. He’s pushing two tracks in particular and The Illixer got exclusive listens to both. So of course we had to share with readers.

The first of the two promotional records is entitled “Yea.” The song features another indie talent who is becoming quite a regular on the site, Blakc Shiffe. Cash B serves as the producer for the selection. The production here is crazy. The healthy bass, booming musical ingredients, energetic tempo, and street club vibe make for a top of the line grouping. The hook is hitting on something too. The delivery is captivating and the lyrics are super contagious. The verses continue with the high momentum. LAbtw knocks out the first verse and Shiffe slides through on the second one. Both artists come with rich flows, witty wordplay, and enticing rhymes. They give the listener an entertaining glimpse into the turn-up side of their personalities. A few noteworthy bars from LAbtw include: “You heard I dropped a new song. So play that then. I know I kept ya waiting too long. So say that then. I know the game ain’t been the same. So let LA back in. (…) I’m still screaming Burleigh since way back when. M’s on my chest and hat so they can say that’s him.” Gotta appreciate the swag coming from those lines right there. Overall, this song is giving big hit energy.

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