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Milli AllDay – “Alright” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

Delaware talent, Milli AllDay is still tapped into the site and was generous enough to send over one of the latest tracks that he’s pushing. It’s a laid back number entitled “Alright” and it has an equally low-pressure video component that goes along with it. Let’s dive into both below.

The production for this record was handled by Yogic Beats with engineering assistance from Yung Rocko (Pursuit Of Dreams). The production here is enjoyable. The easy-going infrastructure, light musical elements, strolling tempo, and mellow vibe work favorably together. The hook is a treasure. The delivery is soothing and the lyrics are heartfelt. This is a shorter track. So there is only one verse present. The verse is of a respectable quality. Milli AllDay comes through with a down to earth flow, positive wordplay, and touching rhymes. He truly makes the listener feel that despite hard times, everything will work out for the best. I mean how can you not feel inspired by lines like: “Keep my head to the sky. Eyes on the prize. Keep hope alive. Peace & light. I want the money and the fame. I’m a make it, I know. And if you really want it, go and make it your goal. Keep it all a hundred when you letting things go. Watch how you glow. I know.” Simple but genuine and effective. As a whole, this is a flattering effort.

The video for this number is put together by Jet Phynx Films. It’s an uncluttered cruise through desert surroundings led by Milli himself. The visual is accented with a variety of animations and cool plays on color. The watch serves as a creative approach to bringing the single to the small screen. And the nature of the video captures the essence of the song perfectly. Readers should take a few minutes to peep this one for sure.

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