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Mac PartYY & Biggo Ru – Biggo PartYY (EP Review)

by Miracle

Biggo PartYY (Stream Here)

Last time the site tapped in with Mac PartYY (A.O.B The Family) we were preparing to usher out the warmer weather and winding down for the year. This time around, everything is on the brink of heating up. Including the 414 talent himself. He recently linked up with another 414 artist, Biggo Ru of NFG to drop an EP entitled Biggo PartYY. The project consists of 4 brief yet hard hitting tracks. Keep reading below to find out which of said tracks had The Illixer in a chokehold.

“Lick Back”

The production here is A1. The booming foundation, full musical components, stylish tempo, and businesslike vibe make for a flawless match up. The hook is no slouch either. The delivery is attractive and the lyrics go hard. I mean one can’t deny lines like: “I’m gone always get my lick back. Demonstration, tell me did you get that? I might have to pop a n***a like a six-pack. You can’t try to stop my motion. I’m not with that.” There is only one verse present on this single. The verse definitely falls in line with the high standard established by the production and the hook. The flow is unique, the wordplay is spirited, and the rhymes are fitting. As a whole, this is a fire track. Going on the “Songs Of The Year” List with no question.

“From The Bottom”

The production here is on point. The rooted base, eclectic musical ingredients, lively pace, and nonchalant vibe pair up nicely together. The hook is notable as well. The delivery is expressive and the lyrics are pointed. The verses are solid. Biggo Ru takes on the first verse and Mac PartYY follows up on the second half. Both artists come thru with recognizable flows, quick wordplay, and intentional rhymes. They let it be known that they are on a mission to ensure that they never have to go back to a bare-bones existence. A sprinkling from Biggo Ru includes: “I’m a young n***a paper chasing. Trying to find my route. Action calling back to back. Can’t even go lay down. Always down for my b***h. I’ll never be a clown. Big suppress up on the Glock. I bet it make no sound.” Those are some transparent opening bars right there. Overall, this is a valid selection.

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