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MK Ultraa – “Windows Up”

by Miracle

“Windows Up” (Stream Here)

MK Ultraa describes himself as an inner city guy who expresses his emotions through music. He definitely exhibits a passion for the art that seems to get him into a little bit of controversy from time to time. But what would Hip-Hop be without a little shake up here and there, right? The site finally got a chance to dive into his catalog via a versatile selection that he submitted to introduce himself. Keep reading to see which tune stood out to the site and why,

“Windows Up” is the single that was chosen out of the pack. The production here is decent. The steady base, hearty background components, middling tempo, and old school style vibe make for a worthy combination. The hook is adequate. The delivery is natural and the lyrics are straightforward. The verses are up to par. MK Ultraa comes through with a low key delivery, complimentary flow, and personalized rhymes. He gives the listener a vivid glimpse into his character in a brash fashion. For example, he spits: “Shake up G on the East. Only bang on the North. Know my name on the South. They don’t like me no more. Got some h**s on the West. Smoke that weed by the quart. To all my foes in the place who want to settle these scores? Cause I got brown in my cup. I got brown in my a**. Now how many checks can my a** cash?” One has to appreciate the confident taunting nature of those bars right there. All in all, this is an engaging number.

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