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Blakc Shiffe F/ Je’Love – “O Dog” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

“O Dog” (Stream Here)

Blakc Shiffe is not letting his foot up off of the gas in this new year. He’s doing some acting, hosting events, and of course continuing to drop hot tunes. One of which includes a collaborative effort entitled “O Dog” Yes, that’s a nod to the classic hood film Menace II Society. Keep reading below to discover what caught the site’s ear about this particular track.

This single features another 414 talent who goes by the name of Je’Love. The production here is trendy. The pure foundation, spirited musical ingredients, savvy tempo, and colorful vibe make for a likable match-up. The hook is of a high quality too. Blakc Shiffe comes through with a charismatic delivery and catchy rhymes. The verses are satisfying. Shiffe takes on the first verse and Je”Love holds the ladies down on the second verse. Both artists serve up personable deliveries, stand out flows, and saucy rhymes. They are feeling themselves and not afraid to let the world know it. A highlight from Shiffe includes: “Ooo I want it. Trying to get the world. Yeah I’m feeling like Tony. 24 hours, this a whole new Kobe. I’m a make it count. And-1 can’t hold me. Dude got a whole new crowd. Dude got a whole new style with a whole new sound. Dude got a whole new strap, it’s black. Aye n***a, this Blakc! Dude got a whole new crown.” One can not deny that Shiffe got off with those opening bars right there. All in all, this single is lit. Can we say “Songs Of The Year List?”

There is also a visual to accompany this record. It plays up the Menace II Society influence with a little bit of comedy and Milwaukee swag. Frank Forbez Films does an excellent job of bringing the song to life. Everything looks fresh. Blakc Shiffe and Je’Love bring great energy to the screen as well. And the cameo from a 414 rising comedy star is a nice touch. You have to click the play button to find out who makes an appearance. Overall, this is one of the better videos to come out of the city recently.

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