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Veteran rapper Eminem has had an interesting run over the past couple of months or so. He won acclaim with his appearance on the 2017 BET Hip-Hop Awards Cypher as he took shots at President Trump and stood up for injustice. He followed up his return to the limelight with the release of his ninth studio LP, Revival. Unlike his freestyle, the people were not feeling his album at all. It got a lukewarm reception at best and it seems as if the people would’ve preferred that the Slim Shady rapper had stayed in the shadows. Fast forward to a couple of days ago and it seems that the lack of love for the project may have been just the fuel that Mr. Mathers needed to get back on top.

jlately_LJBF_front(Photo By The Unusual Suspects Company)

Meet Northern California rapper J.Lately. He is coming to the site with a new music video for his emotionally driven track, “All About You,” off his recently released album, Let’s Just Be Friends. The song features vocalist Della over an Oops production. The video directed by Andrew Elsayid finds Lately and Della standing together in the rain as they go through the common occurrence of still having strong feelings for someone who you are no longer in a relationship with.

Neva-Eva(Photo Courtesy Of Sound Cloud)

Meet Tamba Tongue, a former college football player turned rapper. Hailing from Los Angeles by the way of the East Coast, the New York Film Academy alumni has a style similar to Tupac and Eminem. On his official website, Tamba recently released a track called “Neva Eva.” The song speaks about his past heartbreak and the emotions that he went through to try to get over a girl. Tamba then pledges to never fall in love again. And the track doesn’t sound like what the description gives away.

a1789453788_10(Photo By Sound Cloud)

The highly anticipated fifth album from Milwaukee native BKnitts is here. WAVES is a journey through his consciousness, struggles and triumphs as a man, and overall versatility as an artist. This is a really dope project from BKnitts. Unfortunately, this album is 14 songs too long. 26 tracks is way too many for an album. Honestly, BKnitts should’ve picked the best 12 or 13 tracks because that’s all he needed. You can actually easily point out the album fillers and what can standout on it’s own. Besides the album length, the vibe of this album lives up to it’s name. If your conscious had a soundtrack (well I know mine does), WAVES would be it.