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New Year, Same Bull. While you were out spending your New Year’s Eve with friends and family, Lil Wayne decided to reconcile with his ‘dad.’ Yes, you read that right. Lil Tunechi went back to his abuser. After everything Birdman has done to him not just this past year but over time, Wayne turned yellow and returned. However, Wayne isn’t the only one who has left Birdman’s nest over bad business transactions, only to return later on. Which makes me ask, are folks afraid of Birdman?

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What is Karma? Karma is the result of fate, which is the effect from a cause. And if you don’t know, Karma is a bish that’s always on her period. So who is dealing with Karma? Karma’s victim this week is none other than Lil Wayne aka Tunechi aka Mr. ThatsWhatYouGet. If you don’t know or don’t care, Birdman’s new cuddy buddy, Young Thug just released his new mixtape The Barter 6 (it was named The Carter 6 but legal intervention and such). Young Thug said it is meant to carry on The Carter series but if you’ve been around the Cash Money shenanigans as long as I have you know it’s just to piss off Wayne.

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“Contract all f***** up, I guess that means you’re all f**** up. You signed to one n****, that signed to another n****, that signed to three n****, now that’s bad luck.”Pusha T

Well damn Tyga, did you not listen to Q-Tip’s industry rule number 4080, ‘Record people are shady.’ For those of you who actually have a life, this past Friday T-Raww hit up his Twitter account and let us know how he feels about his label home, Young Money.

[quote]“Gold album been done. My label holding me hostage so I can’t release nothing. Might just leak it for my fans then let them make $ off it. The music industry is a devil’s playground. I’m a man of God.#LastKings is what I built and the only thing I rep. Ain’t no one man gone stay in the same spot forever that’s a sucka. I’m a hustler so I took what lil bit he gave me and doubled up – 2pac Never bite the hand that feeds you. But never starve for the hand that doesn’t. #LastKings”[/quote]

Cuban Linx Cover RetroI$Awesome(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Hailing from New Jersey Retro I$ Awesome, returns with his sophomore EP Cuban Linx. Retro gives you the Southern Trap meets old school New York vibe on his EP. That’s a good and a bad thing. The good thing is that he is versatile. The bad thing is that on an EP, it sounds compressed. However, even though the songs don’t quite flow together, Cuban Linx is a pretty decent EP. If Retro would’ve split the EP into two then it would’ve been great.