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Illuminati Roundtable: Who’s Afraid of the Birdman?

by Pooh Bailey

birdman-rapper-photo(Photos Courtesy Of Google Images)

New Year, Same Bull. While you were out spending your New Year’s Eve with friends and family, Lil Wayne decided to reconcile with his ‘dad.’ Yes, you read that right. Lil Tunechi went back to his abuser. After everything Birdman has done to him not just this past year but over time, Wayne turned yellow and returned. However, Wayne isn’t the only one who has left Birdman’s nest over bad business transactions, only to return later on. Which makes me ask, are folks afraid of Birdman?


Since way before the Cash Money takeover for the nine nine and two thousand (10 points if you know that reference), Bryan Williams’ aka Birdman’s shady ways were always a focal point. You see Stunna treated his Cash Money counterparts like prostitutes. Meaning that instead of paying Juvenile, Mannie Fresh, and the rest of the Hot Boyz their royalties, he paid them with gifts. So instead of getting a check for “Back That Azz Up,” Juvie would just get a car, a chain, or just a few bucks. Now this sounds horrible to anyone that knows how huge that record was. However, when you are coming from nothing, anything is better than receiving nothing. That is until you start to realize that you still haven’t received an actual check and you still stay at your mother’s house (or you share a home like Young Money once did). This is where the story gets weird. Both Juvenile (around 2001-2002) and Lil Wayne (2015) left Cash Money and sued. Then crazy events started happening like Lil Wayne’s tour bus getting shot up. Then out of nowhere, here comes the reconciliation.


Word has it that Birdman is very well connected in the streets and is not too fond of having dirt thrown on his name over money. Word also has it that Cash Money is ran like Big Red Records (The Five Heartbeats). Contracts at Cash Money/Big Red were only intended to make the boss rich and the employees poor. That would explain why life after Cash Money either leaves you in prison (Turk and B.G.) or performing at the local clubs for a few pesos (Juvenile). But what happens when you go against the grain? What happens when you say enough is enough and you stand your ground?

Whatever Birdman has going on behind the scenes has gotten these rappers that work for him shook. I mean he even played Drake. And yet they are all in the picture on NYE smiling (well smizing). If someone owes me damn near 50 million and instead of paying me tries to kill me; the last thing I’m going to do is pose for a picture with them during the holidays. Whatever information or power that Birdman has that people would rather be broke than to really fight for their money is kind of scary (for them because I can read when it says I don’t get my money in the contract). So who’s really afraid of the big, bad Birdman? Anyone that is dumb enough to sign a binding contract with him and expect him to honor it. You would get a better payout if you just play the Powerball instead of putting your life in his hands. –Pooh Bailey

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