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HunchoGang Jay – “Sh*t Talkin” (Illixer Exclusive)

by Miracle

HunchoGang Jay is a young upcoming talent in the Milwaukee music scene. Music runs through his bloodline as his father is a 414 music veteran, videographer (Kabron Films), and urban clothing brand owner (Kabron Clothing). His team offered The Illixer the chance to drop an exclusive unreleased track and we couldn’t think of a better way to introduce HunchoGang Jay to readers for the first time.

The track is a briefer selection dubbed “Sh*t Talkin.” The production here is valid. The clean foundation, complimentary supporting details, energized tempo, and cool street vibe work favorably together. There is no traditional hook on this record. With the way the song is structured, this actually works out well. The continuous verse is proficient. HunchoGang Jay serves up a sly flow, unfiltered wordplay, and notable rhymes. One definitely gets the impression that he’s just flexing his mic skills for the one time and not taking himself too seriously. A highlight from which includes: “Glizzy on my seat. This b—h hold a 50. My back against the wall. I can’t be a Ricky. When n—as start to ball this s–t could get risky. Old h–s coming back around like they miss me. I told these n—as I’m a shine but they wasn’t listening.” Did you catch the reference? Those are some clever opening bars right there. In the end, this is a nice little exercise.

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