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Timmy Comix – $TTCSLL [SpaceTimmyTimmyComixSippinGreenLexLuth] (EP Review)

by Miracle

(Photo By Sound Cloud)

This is my first time really taking a listen to Timmy Comix (though he has been featured on the site before). I’ve noticed he’s been making some moves and he just recently dropped an EP titled, $TTCSLL (SpaceTimmyTimmyComixSippinGreenLexLuth). Pretty extravagant title, If I do say so myself.

I have a couple favorites on the project. One being a song called “Focused.” I have honestly had this song on repeat the most. I like the melody of the hook and the flow. This is the best beat on the project. That’s saying quite a bit because that’s one of the pros of this project. I can tell Timmy Comix has good ears for production that sets the mood he’s going for.

The song “PS2” displays Timmy Comix’s ability to really spit. His verse on this record seemed much more focused and sharp. There are two features on this record from Merc Finesse & Cleo Fox III. They both flex on here as well.
“XSTACY” & “HD” also make this project really feel like something filling being that its only six songs total.  These songs have replay value and that’s a MUST HAVE in this internet age.


My overall opinion on $TTCSLL is that the project has a mood that it sets right from track one. It’s low vibration and has a mixture of memorable flows and melodies. There are some moments that drag on a little longer than they should and some that cut off abruptly, which at first listen was a bit jarring. Timmy Comix did a good job with this project. It has replay value and it sets a mood that holds you until its over. – Ezra Winrich

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