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King Cezar – “Letter 2 Da Streets”

by Miracle

(Photo By Sound Cloud)

King Cezar (formally known as Cezar) is another artist who has been quiet lately but is now ready to start making his presence felt again. He dropped a single called “Letter 2 Da Streets” a couple of days ago that is already making waves on an international level. The song is mixed & mastered by Kingz Circle Music Group.

The production here is of a sterling quality. It is comprised of: a sturdy base, complimentary supporting details, a nonchalant tempo, and a lax vibe. The hook is of a striking nature. The delivery is distinctive and the lyrics are significant. The verses are finely crafted. King Cezar exhibits an orderly flow, proficient wordplay, and suitable rhymes. He drops a lot of street knowledge as well as makes it known that he’s still on a mission to do big things in the music game. A highlight from his memo to the hood includes: “Hope you can hear me now. I’m never giving up. My dawgs is ready. Go tell them haters to ante up. Can’t say a word. My old hoes might set me up. Won’t go for the okie doke. I only trust the Holy Ghost. You heard this. I did that. Baby say when. They hate the most when you go hard and outdo them.” One has to applaud the confidence and finesse contained within those bars right there. All in all, this is a proper comeback record for King Cez.

**My Two Cents: I dig this cut. The casualness of the instrumental pairs up nicely with the more intense nature of the content. The hook is a very bright spot as well. It summarizes the song flawlessly. It could’ve been used a little bit less in between verses though. On another note, I feel what King Cezar is trying to convey to the people. He’s got some gems that are truly worth absorbing. And of course it’s nice to know that he’s still got a passion for his craft. Looking forward to seeing how 2017 plays out for the 414 spitter. -MinM

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