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Bili Ro$e – “Hardcore Water Whippin” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Milwaukee artist Bili Ro$e got a little quiet on the music front for a bit last year. A few weeks ago, he decided to end his silence by dropping a new single/video. The selection is dubbed “Hardcore Water Whippin” and it appears on his Paradise Lost project.

The production here is legit. The heavy bass-line, grounded background elements, measured pacing, and gritty vibe are a match made in auditory heaven. The hook is up to par. The delivery is consistent and the lyrics are fetching. There is only one verse present on this record. The extended verse is of an estimable quality. Bili Ro$e implements his signature flow, adequate wordplay, and skilled rhymes. He embodies the aura of the instrumental nicely, truly playing up the ever present flippant side of his persona. A handful of notable lines are: “First thing’s first, you never been a menace. Syrup sipping while ya trap n—as water whipping. Water whipping in the rain call it hydroplane. On a mission, Rap game like the crack game. Cocaine and I keep a couple shooters. And I know a couple movers. But we making up this product. Baby I can make you feel good like Halle Berry.” Those lines right there make for a very colorful opener. As a whole, this is a fresh tune and a fitting way for Mr. Ro$e to end his silence.

The video for the track is directed by Bili himself and his affiliate Jon Briggz. The premise for the flick is pretty basic. Bili Ro$e is simply featured in a scruffy graffiti laden setting, zoning out to the song. He delivers mannerisms as well as facial expressions that help to enhance his performance. And there is a hint of editing magic via certain lyrics that appears towards the end of the vision. All in all, this is an appropriate visual offering.

**My Two Cents: It is nice to have Bili Ro$e back on the site with a fresh new tune and video. I dig both. I love the raw street feel of the song along with the metaphor that is present. Very clever penmanship going on there. And I like the easiness of the video. Bili is a charismatic performer and I think the location where the flick takes place represents the vibe of the cut in it’s own way. And those two components are really all that’s needed. Hoping that Bili Ro$e has much more in store for the new year. Readers should get into “Hardcore Water Whippin” asap. -MinM

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