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“Unpopular Truths” (Sound Cloud)

King Cezar is in the zone at the moment. He just recently blessed his followers with one of his infamous CezMixes. He grabbed fellow Milwaukee spitter CT and the pair took on a joint by West Coast veteran rapper Nipsey Hussle called “Famous Lies & Unpopular Truths.” They utilized the latter half of the original title for the name of their remix. Get the rundown on the remake after the break.

(Photo By Sound Cloud)

King Cezar (formally known as Cezar) is another artist who has been quiet lately but is now ready to start making his presence felt again. He dropped a single called “Letter 2 Da Streets” a couple of days ago that is already making waves on an international level. The song is mixed & mastered by Kingz Circle Music Group.

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Better-Days(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Milwaukee artist Cezar dropped a single a couple of weeks ago that holds a message of encouragement that is much needed during these current trying times. The song is entitled “Better Days” and it features an artist that goes by the name of Zooted Spitwell. The collaboration is produced by Cash X Beats.