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King Cezar – “Hell”

by Miracle

King Cezar trickled out a new single for his supporters a couple of weeks ago. The song is simply titled “Hell” and it is produced by Atlanta duo Nard & B (Grand Hustle / TrenchWerk).

The production here is proper. The low lying base, reserved background elements, laboring tempo, and dark vibe make for a gripping combination. The hook is exceptional. The delivery is captivating and the lyrics are weighty. They evoke a vulnerability that King Cezar doesn’t really unveil too often: “When it’s dark outside and the tears are in yo eyes cause everyone you love has left you out to dry. Is it cool to cry? Can I let you inside? These demons in my soul have been eating me alive.” One can not deny the chilling impact of those words right there. The verses are official. King Cezar lights up the beat with a signature flow, quality wordplay, forthright rhymes. He gives the listener a great lyrical representation of the track’s title with lines like: “Now this ain’t Kansas. Ain’t never been to Calabasas. I come from where players go to church then sell that work to they pastor. Born & raised on Capitol. I can show y’all where it happened. Where this light-skinned bastard learned to use Black Magic.” Tough opening lines from the royal emcee right there. As a whole, this selection is a banger hands down.

**My Two Cents: I am going to go out on a limb and say that this is King Cezar’s best record to date. He comes with a bit of a new swagger in his style and shares a struggle that a lot of people are familiar with. Add to that the fact that the nature of the production fits the theme of the content effortlessly and one just can’t go wrong with this cut. Cez is upping the bar with this one. Hope his competitors are able to rise to the challenge. Readers do not want to miss out on “Hell;” so go ahead and click that play button asap. -MinM

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