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Introducing: Papi D

by Miracle

Time to put the readers on to a fresh face. So let’s give a warm Illixer welcome to, Papi D. Papi D comes to us from the rougher parts of Camden, New Jersey. He drew a love of Hip-Hop from his community at a young age and went on to be inspired by artists such as 50 Cent, Dipset, etc. Operating on the principles of: loyalty, dignity, and pride, Papi’s goal is to become a household name in the industry. With a reputation for being knowledgeable about the history of his craft, having an unique vocal ability, and having relatable lyrics; the rising talent has quite the arsenal to work with. Not to mention he writes all of his own music and directs all of his own music videos. That’s nothing to take lightly. He’s also building his performance resume up too which includes a set at SXSW. A major look for indie artists. Ready to show the world what he’s made of, Papi released his debut solo single & video a while back. The song is labeled “Juggin.”

“Juggin” is the perfect fit to join the rankings of what is considered a street anthem in today’s new era of music. Might even come out a little superior to his peers as one can actually understand what he’s talking about (lol). The tune is set to a transparent instrumental with magnetic components, a middling tempo, and a businesslike vibe. The hook is catchy and to the point. The verses are adequate. Papi D offers up a distinct flow, decent wordplay, and intermediate rhymes. He paints a colorful picture of how jugging goes down in dirty Jersey. All in all, this record is a fair introduction to Papi.

As mentioned there is a video to go along with the track. It’s a simple offering that follows Papi D as he is ripping & running the streets with his boys. Everyone brings a lot of flair and personality to the camera which lends to the flick’s entertainment factor. The editing work is clean and transitions smoothly. A highlight from the visual includes a solo set up of Papi performing in front of a large graffiti image of the late Big Pun (RIP). As a whole, this is a very suitable vision.

**My Two Cents: My first impression of Papi D is a likable one. He has a lot of swag when he’s performing which is what won me over when watching the video. I agree that he does have a different type of flow and his content is realistic. But his lyrics could’ve been just a tad bit stronger in my opinion. I am curious to hear more from the Camden representer to discover what else he can do. I encourage readers to check out “Juggin” for themselves and let me know what they think. -MinM

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