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Time to put the readers on to a fresh face. So let’s give a warm Illixer welcome to, Papi D. Papi D comes to us from the rougher parts of Camden, New Jersey. He drew a love of Hip-Hop from his community at a young age and went on to be inspired by artists such as 50 Cent, Dipset, etc. Operating on the principles of: loyalty, dignity, and pride, Papi’s goal is to become a household name in the industry. With a reputation for being knowledgeable about the history of his craft, having an unique vocal ability, and having relatable lyrics; the rising talent has quite the arsenal to work with. Not to mention he writes all of his own music and directs all of his own music videos. That’s nothing to take lightly. He’s also building his performance resume up too which includes a set at SXSW. A major look for indie artists. Ready to show the world what he’s made of, Papi released his debut solo single & video a while back. The song is labeled “Juggin.”

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What you gonna do when Flexamania runs wild on you? Probably laugh like the rest of the internet, brother. While you were at work last week trying to make a dollar out of two nickels and a Ramen noodle flavor pack, Funkmaster Flex decided to air out his grievances about Jay Z. It seems Flex is mad that Hov stole his app idea. Really? Corporate Carter stole an app from a 40-something radio DJ instead of some 20-year old IT intern. Ok. Then Flex got upset that Jigga called private, in which Flex didn’t answer. So Jigga decided to text him, ‘This is HOV.’ And being the man-boy that he is, Flex got mad about that. So mad that he threatened to ‘destroy’ Shawn Carter.

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This is a Public Service Announcement brought to you in part by the wonderful Pooh Bailey. My fellow rappers stop repping cities you’re not from. It’s very disrespectful to the people who actually are from there. You look like a straight poser. This mini rant came to me after peeping Tyga’s song, “Chiraq.” Excuse me as I tuck in my thug. I’m originally from Chicago (Southside!!!!) and that “Chiraq” record hit a nerve.