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Illuminati Roundtable: Rep Your Own City (PSA)

by Pooh Bailey

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This is a Public Service Announcement brought to you in part by the wonderful Pooh Bailey. My fellow rappers stop repping cities you’re not from. It’s very disrespectful to the people who actually are from there. You look like a straight poser. This mini rant came to me after peeping Tyga’s song, “Chiraq.” Excuse me as I tuck in my thug. I’m originally from Chicago (Southside!!!!) and that “Chiraq” record hit a nerve.

Not because Tyga can’t rap. But because I know Tyga has never been west of State Street. All Tyga knows is Michigan Ave and Canal Street. Not only that, he is as tough as wet toilet paper. Unlike some of you guys, I remember “Coconut Juice” Tyga. I remember “This Ain’t a Scene, It’s An Arms Race” Remix Tyga. Tyga bought his thug persona at the same flee market that Blac Chyna got her ass from. He should’ve called the track ‘The Valley’ since that’s where he is from. Now mind you ladies and gentlemen, these are only my thoughts. However, I’m pretty sure that there is someone in Houston who is irritated by Drake repping H-town. Now I understand why he should rep Memphis to a degree but Houston? Like really? The crazy thing is not only fans but rappers are allowing this to happen. Like rappers really let other rappers from out of state set up shop, and eat.

So you’re telling me its okay for not only Drake (Toronto) but A$AP Rocky (Harlem) to both be the biggest rappers to come from Houston but are not from there. This has got to stop. Now it’s one thing for rappers to rap like they’re from other regions. Dipset and the south. J. Cole and Queens. That’s cool. It makes them stand out in their city. But it’s truly another to rap like you’re actually from off of 79th and Halsted. No sir. Your G pass is invalid. If Tyga was going to do a diss record, he should’ve named it ‘Killa Cali’ or whatever California calls itself these days. All I’m saying to the Tygas and The Games and the Nicki Minajs (bet you thought I forgot about her “Chiraq” track) of the world, rep your own hood. I know Chicago is popular right now, but stay on your side of the map. – Pooh Bailey

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