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Cardiac Da Pulse – Blue Roses (Album Review)

by Miracle
Blue Roses (Stream Here)

Cardiac Da Pulse has been on a mission since the Summer of 2022. Driving home hit after hit after hit, he finally brought it all full circle with the release of his new album earlier this year. The project is aptly titled Blue Roses and it features nine fresh tracks from the 414 star. Three of which, The Illixer has already covered for our readers (see the links). But there were six new gems left for us to indulge in. Continue reading to find out which additional tracks had our ears going crazy.

“Up & Up”

The production here is on point. It consists of a deep seated base, sleek background details, an eclectic tempo, and a down to earth vibe. The hook is valid too. The delivery is spirited and the lyrics are engaging. The verses are legitimate. Cardiac Da Pulse shows out with a rugged flow, quick wordplay, and personalized rhymes. In his musings about the project, Cardiac shared that this track serves as an ode to his closest homies. The listener can definitely feel his devotion to his peeps with lines like: “Yeah, that’s my blood from the mud to the marble. You don’t know the feeling. We ain’t never partial. No cap. When ya lady put ya out, I had ya back. When ya bread low I’m putting in on the pack.” Gotta respect a man whose not afraid to give his people their flowers. Overall, this is a noble selection.

“Drum Work”

The production here goes hard. The heavy hitting foundation, dramatic musical ingredients, creeping rhythm, and ominous vibe make for an attention grabbing pairing. The hook is tough too. The delivery is forceful and it’s complimented by raw catchy lyrics. The verses are concrete. Cardiac Da Pulse shreds the mic with a gritty flow, cutting wordplay, and dominating rhymes. He describes this track as his The Lox Verzuz Dipset energy. Just bringing all the smoke to any and everybody (lol). He spits: “Don’t forget I put time in. I took five losses and got ten wins. Dance in the ring. Swing til the f–king end. The champ ain’t down. I just had to catch my wind.” Love that imagery and that determination pouring from those bars right there. All in all, this song is a banger. I know it’s still really early but it’s giving “Song Of The Year” for me.

“Luv 4 Free”

The production here has a groovy element to it. The clean cut infrastructure, rich supporting elements, undemanding pace, and mature vibe is bound to get any listener doing at least a 2-Step. The hook is trendy too. The vocals were made for the production and Cardiac Da Pulse is definitely on his fly guy ish. The verses are enjoyable as well. Cardiac slides through with a flow that is dripping with conviction, forward wordplay, and seasoned rhymes. He has no problems letting the listener know that he is him when it comes to pulling and pleasing the ladies. An example of such includes: “Water colors on my neck got a blue hue. You the canvas laying on my bed. No PMS ni–as. Leave them on read (red). You heard what I said. No need to repeat. We on a retreat feeling like a meet & greet. Pigeon toed when she walk. Perched on the seat.” The imagery generated in those bars right there is super creative. As a whole, this is a mint offering.

**My Two Cents: Blue Roses is the strongest showing from Cardiac Da Pulse to date for me. His particular approach to beat selection proves to be a winning formula for the emcee. The production on the project is very fitting and well put together. His knack for knowing what artists compliment him for collaborations continues to be flawless. And his pen game has elevated for sure. The listener can tell without question that he is truly embracing his style/sound and is now learning to get comfortable with pushing his artistry beyond his norm. I love that for him. Blue Roses should be in your rotation and Cardiac should be in your top indie artists from the city. -MinM

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