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Cardiac Da Pulse F/ Class M – “Caught Up”

by Miracle
“Caught Up” (Stream Here)

Cardiac Da Pulse is a long time supporter of The Illixer and all of our endeavors. So it was only fitting that we roll out with his new Summer smash, “Caught Up.” The single features Class M and is produced by DreamLife Beats.

The production here is golden. It boasts a clean foundation, snazzy musical elements, a suave tempo, and a feel good vibe. The hook is a winner as well. It’s a nod to the one and only Ja Rule and his track by the same name with R&B singer Lloyd. Class M puts a slight twist on the original lyrics and comes through with the same mesmerizing vocal energy as his Southern peer. The verses are on point. Cardiac maintains the mature flirtatious nature of the song effortlessly. He utilizes a transparent flow and very forward rhymes as he speaks on a lady who has captured his attention. Bars such as: “I know you ain’t used to the s–t. Top of the line. You feeling so sublime. I’m climbing up ya spine. I’ll put ya ass in line;” definitely give off big grown man energy. All in all, this is a dope record and very fitting for the season.

**My Two Cents: I always appreciate and feel honored when the early site supporters reach out with new music. Cardiac let me preview this joint before he blessed the public with it and I loved it immediately. Not only did he and Class M swag this tune all the way out but they paid homage to one of my favorite Ja Rule tracks off of the R.U.L.E. project. Him and Lloyd don’t miss together and neither do Cardiac and Class M. If you’re not bumping this during your Summer shenanigans, your playlist is lacking (lbvs). Major props to Cardiac Da Pulse, can’t wait for the next hit! -MinM

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