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Soc Sosa – Mr. Arrogant and Cocky (Album Review)

by Miracle

Soc Sosa is a 414 talent who has a good number of years as well as hustles under his belt. He describes himself as the perfect combination of educated and street. Taking pride in having a diverse reach and an extensive catalog, the Midwest artist has established quite the name for himself. He recently came across The Illixer‘s radar and shared his latest project, Mr. Arrogant and Cocky.

Mr. Arrogant and Cocky features 19 total tracks with guest appearances from other elite indie names such as: Nu Money, Petti Hendrix, Rich P, and Munch Lauren. Out of the collective, Soc Sosa decided to put two singles in the forefront: “Y.O.C.O.” and “Shade.” Continue reading for a rundown on the tracks and more.

“Y.O.C.O.” F/ High Pri$e

The production here is dope. The deep bass, savvy background elements, polished tempo, and dramatic vibe make for a great combination. The hook is on point as well. The delivery is clean and the lyrics are laced with a bit of humor. The verses are solid. The fellas utilize conventional flows, colorful wordplay, and nervy rhymes. The duo come together to put the ladies on blast who like to bend the truth a bit online when it comes to their appearances. Peep as Soc Sosa goes in: “Snap Chat she Halle Berry. Real life she Barry White. Telling me she a barbie but overweight with an overbite. Somebody ain’t told her right. Shorty think she a bad b—h. But ain’t nobody trying to holla at her. That’s why she be cat-fishing. Filtered up on Instagram. Filtered up on Facebook. Knowing she wouldn’t get a like if I really knew how her face look.” There was definitely nothing held back in those opening bars right there. All in all, this is a fitting anthem for today’s social media fueled society. There is also a visual for this single. It is a straightforward piece that captures the theme perfectly. High Pri$e is quite the character in the video. And one will definitely appreciate the shirts that the fellas are rocking. Check it out above.


The production here is lit. The hard hitting foundation, slight musical ingredients, magnetic rhythm, and gritty vibe are auditory gold. The hook is valid. The delivery is spotless and the lyrics are charismatic. The verses are entertaining. Soc Sosa comes thru with a distinctive flow, taunting wordplay, and no-nonsense rhymes. He gives the listener a glimpse of himself in full flex mode while at the same time letting his feelings be known about the way certain people are moving out in the streets. He spits: “Y’all raps be purgery. Talking about how you shining. See you out in the streets though and you ain’t draped in no diamonds. You ain’t buying no bars out. Foreign ain’t what you driving. You ain’t holding no rubber bands but that ain’t really surprising.” Soc Sosa is certainly talking his s–t with those bars right there and that’s just a snippet. As a whole, this is a winning street anthem. There is a video for this record as well. The visual features a guest appearance from a tall familiar 414 creative and a group of fierce ladies that are ready for all the smoke. Take a peek up above.

So these two singles may have set the tone for Mr. Arrogant and Cocky but there are definitely a couple of other gems throughout the project. “Mr. Arrogant Cocky” the title track kicks off the project with a lot of swag and an undeniable energy. “Cruzin” is a smooth female friendly joint. “Rockstar” is a cool party type of number with a fun memorable hook. And “Spill My Soul” is a personal selection that provides a nice change of pace along with some deep meaningful lyrics. This LP definitely lives up to Soc Sosa’s reputation of being able to satisfy a variety of different music tastes.

**My Two Cents: Soc Sosa is a talented artist. He has a signature flow and does a respectable job of executing his pen game. I can understand why he’s been able to remain in the game so long and reach the fan base that he has. However, I would like to hear him step more outside of the box with his beat selections and challenge himself a little more with his wordplay. I think it would strengthen the diverse appeal that he already has established. Overall though, I dig Soc Sosa and hope to hear/see more from him in the future. -MinM

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