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Lowkey Looney – “Fasho Dat” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

So every once in a while a new artist is put on the site’s radar that just has that it factor. Lowkey Looney is one such artist. He was introduced to The Illixer courtesy of long time supporter Obliq (Elevated Underground). The up and coming talent hails from Greenville, AL. He transitioned to Fort Walton Beach, FL and signed to the Elevated Underground imprint. He has a reputation for applying pressure and is said to have truly embodied his passion for music over the years. Not too long ago, he released a track/video entitled “Fasho Dat.” Continue reading to get our take on the offering.

The production here is beasty. The heavy hitting bass, favorable background elements, colorful rhythm, and street vibe make for a hot pairing. The hook is a prize too. The delivery is charismatic and the lyrics are catchy. The verses are slick. Lowkey Looney serves up a novel flow, brazen wordplay, and raw rhymes. His intention behind the single was to illustrate how one can be the underdog and still manage to come out on top. Lines like: “Staying low-key is my preference. But don’t make me act up and wreck s–t. A humble little n—a. But not with the games. So don’t think it’s sweet for one second. I’m still the same n—a from back then. Only thing now I got backing. I do what I love with a passion. And we finna go live like a dash-cam;” demonstrate Looney’s hunger and certify that he has the potential to do big things. As a whole, this song is a banger.

The visuals for “Fasho Dat” are relatively simple in nature. They basically depict Lowkey Looney in various environments vibing out and doing his thing. The concept seems to reflect the rapper’s laid-back character. The camera work is super clean, there are some neat special effects in place, and Looney gives a magnetic performance. All in all, this is a great straightforward vision.

**My Two Cents: Lowkey Looney caught my ear as soon as I pressed play. He has a sound that stands out and his pen is pretty valid. The beat on “Fasho Dat” was made for his style. The video won me over with the less is more setup. It’s dope just seeing Looney do him without a whole lot of extras or distractions. I can definitely see Looney becoming a household name sooner rather than later. But don’t wait until he blows up to show love. Check out his page and hit that play button now. -MinM

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