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Omari Kamau – AIM (Achieving Impossible Measures) (EP Review)

by Miracle

Readers were first introduced to Omari Kamau via his contribution to the single “Me & My Partnaz.” His lyrics being highlighted prompted his team to put the site on to his EP, AIM (Achieving Impossible Measures), which hit the net not too long ago. The project features seven total tracks and street words of wisdom. Keep reading to discover which records hit home with The Illixer.


This selection opens up with a snippet from the classic hood movie Juice. The production here is polished. The full bass, hearty supporting musical details, crawling tempo, and businesslike vibe make for a grade A combination. The hook is noteworthy. The delivery is heartfelt and the lyrics are meaningful. The verses are stirring. Omari comes through with his one of a kind flow, pointed wordplay, and revealing rhymes. He does an excellent job of throwing caution to the youth as it pertains to living the fast life. He educates: “Young good n—a gone bad. Went to school, bent the block at the same with his grown a**. (…) Pick up a book. Do something with ya life. Instead of being in these streets all night. It’s three things this dirty game gone get you. Toe tagged, jail time, and a b—h that ain’t right. You ain’t got a Felony. You could be something.” Those are some intense opening bars right there. Overall, this is a gripping way to kick off the EP.

“All Ls”

The production here is likable. The subdued foundation, jazzy secondary ingredients, casual tempo, and laid-back vibe fit really well together. The hook is valid too. The delivery is spirited and the lyrics are endearing. The verses are commendable. Omari Kamau provides a signature flow, hood savvy wordplay, and detailed rhymes. He breaks down the hardships of his people while at the same time providing reassurance and a call for unity. An excerpt from his tales includes: “See n—as talking that gang s–t. Listen Folks is more than that. Just picture 50 educated n—as with straps. Who would want war with that? I’m not gone hold you back nor hold your hand. But I’m gone feed a game that’s gone mold you into a grown man. You gotta seek change and want change.” One can not deny the powerful imagery painted by those words. All in all, this a noble offering.


The production here is concrete. The grounded base, complimentary background elements, neutral rhythm, and sobering vibe pair up nicely. The hook is on point as well. The delivery is straight forward and the lyrics are powerful. The verses are of a choice quality. Omari steps up to the plate with a clean flow, apt wordplay, and forward rhymes. He speaks candidly about the state of the world today from the perspective of a person of color. His reflection on matters is laced with an air of sincerity that is sure to captivate the listener and inspire some deep thoughts. As a whole, this is a way to start wrapping up the EP.

**My Two Cents: AIM (Achieving Impossible Measures) is a refreshing body of work. Music with a message is rare these days but definitely needed with all that’s going on. I have major respect for Omari Kamau for utilizing his platform and life experiences to create content with some substance. He’s definitely upholding the high standard that has been set by Executive Board Music Group thus far. I believe readers will appreciate his efforts as well. Only way to know for sure though is to click that streaming link at the start of the post. -MinM

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