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J.D. The Chief & Mista Marcus – “Psycho” (Song & Video)

by Miracle
“Psycho” (Stream Here)

J.D The Chief and Mista Marcus are a pair that are no strangers to the site. It’s been a while since we heard from the 414 duo though. So it was super exciting to discover that they had joined forces for a track a little bit ago. The song they linked up for is coined “Psycho” and it is produced by Santos Santana. It is a stand alone track but it made for a perfect anthem for ushering in the fall/spooky season.

The production here is clutch. The low set base, eerie background ingredients, dramatic tempo, and dark vibe work perfectly together. The hook is lively and easy to remember. The delivery is engaging and the lyrics are colorful. The verses are solid. J.D. The Chief hits the mic first and Mista Marcus slides through on the second half of the record. Both artists come with their signature tones, vivid wordplay, and chilling rhymes. They do a good job of demonstrating to the listener that they can get twisted with the best of them. All in all, “Psycho” is a satisfying number.

To ensure that his supporters got the full “Psycho” experience, J.D The Chief decided to bring the selection to the small screen. He tapped one of the site’s favorite videographers (Famous MF) and a few friends to make it happen. The gang went on a ghost hunt in an abandoned warehouse on the south-side of the city. They quickly discover that there is something more than just a wandering spirit or two in the building though. Do they survive their spooky adventure? Or do they find themselves in too deep? Readers will have to check out the first episode of “High & Haunted” above to find out.

**My Two Cents: I love a good Horror themed tune. Also, I’m a fan of both J.D. The Chief and Mista Marcus. So “Psycho” was winning for me before even I heard the song or saw the video. Once I actually heard the full track and watched the visuals, I was all in. J.D. and Marcus seem right at home in this subject matter and the production couldn’t be more fitting for the theme. The video takes a creative spin. I definitely would be into a series where the cast gets lit and then goes on haunted adventures. It would be pretty comical and one of a kind. What are your thoughts? Comment, share, and be sure to check out those links throughout the post. -MinM

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