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J.D. The Chief decided to bless those in his faithful tribe with a brand new track which he was kind enough to give The Illixer the first drop on. The single is entitled “OverFLOW” and it is produced by Demolish Beatz. The selection is slated to appear on a project in the works coined Feature Presentation. The mixtape will serve a dual purpose. It will satisfy the craving of a solo effort from The Chief for his fans but it will also give nods to some of his personal favorite fellow artists by way of guest appearances. So it has all the makings of a pretty major release. Get a sample of what’s in store after the break.

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Halloween has officially crept it’s way into the picture. And one of The Illixer‘s faves, J.D. The Chief, decided to utilize the ghoulish holiday to release a new collaborative effort. He always seems to make sure that his supporters have something to jam to this time of year as they fill up on scares, candy, and alcohol. This year he teamed up with California representer G-Mo Skee to evoke the Halloween spirit. The pair crafted a single labeled “We’re Not The Same” and it is produced by Jason Porter (Porterville Beats).

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Summer is a pretty big deal here in the 414. It’s a time for all types of festivals, fairs, concerts, and much more. One of the biggest of said ventures being Summerfest. Summerfest is regarded as one of the biggest music festivals in the world. It hosts performers of all kinds from mainstream to indie on it’s numerous versatile stages. And music lovers from all walks of life come right along with them. So it’s definitely any up-and-coming artist’s dream gig. This year a couple of The Illixer‘s favorite local talents will get their chance to shine at the big gala.

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“No $leep” Remix Contest

The entries for the “No $leep” Remix Contest being held by Amerikas Addicition have already started rolling out. One of the artists in the early running, is long time site supporter and favorite, J.D. “The Chief.” He threw his mic in the ring about two days ago.