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MKE Center Stage (Summerfest 2015 Edition)

by Miracle

Illixer414(Photo By Trill GFX)

Summer is a pretty big deal here in the 414. It’s a time for all types of festivals, fairs, concerts, and much more. One of the biggest of said ventures being Summerfest. Summerfest is regarded as one of the biggest music festivals in the world. It hosts performers of all kinds from mainstream to indie on it’s numerous versatile stages. And music lovers from all walks of life come right along with them. So it’s definitely any up-and-coming artist’s dream gig. This year a couple of The Illixer‘s favorite local talents will get their chance to shine at the big gala.

Rob Hicks

11392999_912728555433225_162246987305286473_n(Photo By Facebook)

Eccentric rapper Rob Hicks will be gracing the Tiki Stage this Sunday around 11pm. He is bringing a special guest along for the ride, his fellow collective member, Epic Hero. If their live performance is anything like the energy they give off in their music, the duo are sure to put on one hell of a show. Definitely recommend stopping by the stage if anyone happens to be on the festival grounds on Sunday. Those interested can get a feel for Rob Hicks and his music here.

J.D. The Chief

The site’s newly sponsored artist J.D. The Chief is also performing at this year’s music festival. He will be taking The Rebel Stage with long time partner in crime Mista Marcus. The two have a great live show that is always filled with a fun crowd friendly energy. Catching their set will be a guaranteed satisfying addition to any music lover’s 4th Of July plans next Saturday. They will be kicking things off around 4:30pm. Tune into J.D.’s music here.
Amerikas Addiction
11659292_999565620055040_5524781062147138320_n(Photo By Facebook)
Beloved duo Amerikas Addiction is yet another name that will be representing at Summerfest this year. It’s always a wild and crazy party whenever David Kelly & Joshua Scarver bring their “Do What You Desire” motto to life. They will be performing on July 4th too. This will definitely be the perfect way to turn up for the holiday weekend. And rumor has it that they have decided to invite a special guest for their set as well. So fans are in for a real treat. If not already addicted, readers can check out the sounds of the group here.
There are a couple of other local names that will get to do their thing at Summerfest this year. And of course there is always the exciting mainstream line up. But these three acts are constantly showing love to the site and have been regulars for a while now. So wanted to give them a little special attention. The Illixer staff is hoping to get out these next two weekends and catch everyone in action but if we don’t make it, congrats and good luck to all! -MinM

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