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Illuminati Roundtable: At Least You Tried, Lupe

by Pooh Bailey

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Lupe Fiasco’s Letter to White Supremacy 

 Growing up, every time I learned something new in school I would run home and tell my mom. I would get so excited that I would jumble up the information I was passing on to her. This would cause a bit of confusion, because the facts wouldn’t add up. Fast forward to Lupe Fiasco’s letter to White Supremacy. A bunch of jumbled up facts and conspiracy theories that makes no sense. If my English or History teacher would’ve seen this letter, they would’ve told Lupe to attend Summer school. But hey I’ll give Lupe an A for effort but that’s as far as my niceness goes.

The letter started off good. I mean Lupe grabbed our attention, but like his music lately, it dwindled and became boring and uneventful quickly. It was one long circle with no end. The letter served no purpose. I guess Lupe was supposed to ‘humble’ White Supremacists by going on an ‘All Lives Matter’ rant (which by the way All Lives Matter when Black Lives Matter). Some of the ‘facts’ that were used must’ve been on the back of a Malt-O-Cereal bag. It’s like when your cousin is fresh out of prison and is trying to teach you things they’ve read while in there. Then he tried to give hypothetical examples. Like really tried. For instance, his Steve Jobs example. My best friend, Google, would’ve helped with that theory. I understand he’s trying to live up to this ‘conscious rapper’ label, but child no.

So Lupe is writing a whole letter to White Supremacy, for what? Attention. As I stated before, Lupe gets an A for effort but that’ where I stop. This letter would’ve been better if it was accurately researched and executed properly. But it wasn’t. Also, correct me if I’m wrong (My BFF Google says I’m not), but didn’t Lupe defend Iggy Azalea’s right to appropriate Hip-Hop? He had nothing to say about White Supremacy then.  It was all ‘we are the world’, when it came to Iggy. Especially, when Azealia Banks came at his neck. Everybody has an agenda, and whatever Lupe’s is, he’s using current events to get much needed attention. All I ask is that the next time he decides to write a letter, he kick-pushes the delete button. – Pooh Bailey

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