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J.D. The Chief F/ G-Mo Skee – “We’re Not The Same”

by Miracle

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Halloween has officially crept it’s way into the picture. And one of The Illixer‘s faves, J.D. The Chief, decided to utilize the ghoulish holiday to release a new collaborative effort. He always seems to make sure that his supporters have something to jam to this time of year as they fill up on scares, candy, and alcohol. This year he teamed up with California representer G-Mo Skee to evoke the Halloween spirit. The pair crafted a single labeled “We’re Not The Same” and it is produced by Jason Porter (Porterville Beats).

The production here is chilling. The deep rooted bass, haunting background components, mid-tempo groove, and shadowy vibe make for quite the unsettling impact. The hook is gratifying. The delivery is refined and the lyrics are intriguing. The verses are commendable. J.D. laces the first and final verses while G-Mo Skee edges his way through the middle portion of the record. Both artists handle their business. They incorporate organic flows, grisly wordplay, and picturesque rhymes. They do an excellent job of fusing the selection with the dark spirit of All Hallows’ Eve. For example, J.D. spits: “I see you brewed your cauldron with the freshest dose of: rat poison, bear tranquilizers, frog’s breath, and croaks. I’ll take a sip of that. Fall out and hit the mat. You hear the biggest splat cause I was higher than a pigeon’s a**. Easy to see I’m slowly dying cause I’m living fast. And I’m stepping on all of these snakes slithering in the grass. Gotta watch for ’em. You gotta watch for ’em. Catch him, treat his face like a pumpkin and carve it out for him. Got it out for ’em cause they had it out for me.” There is no denying the twisted aura contained within those lines. As a whole, this is a dope yet slightly disturbing holiday tune.

**My Two Cents: I love Halloween and I am a fan of J.D. The Chief. So this is a treat all across the board for me. The production is perfect for the theme of the track. I could easily hear it playing in any Horror movie. G-Mo Skee is an ideal guest. He definitely came with his own brand of warped content. And J.D. shines on this cut too. He reminds people that he can do more than just make smoking & party tracks. Gotta respect that. Readers need to put this on for sure as they dawn costumes, pregame, and get ready to venture out. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! -MinM

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