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J.D. The Chief, Hektik, Yo Dot, & Mista Marcus – “In The Kitchen”

by Miracle
“In The Kitchen” (Stream Here)

Land By The Lake is a well established staple within the Milwaukee music scene. It is a compilation series created by DSCRIBEmusic to help facilitate unity amongst local artists no matter their: affiliation, region, age, or style. The series is currently on it’s third installment. To kick off round three, DSCRIBEmusic put together a monster collaboration track featuring: J.D. “The Chief”, Hektik, Yo Dot, and Mista Marcus. The song is titled “In The Kitchen” and it is produced by Tio Blade.

The production here is a banger. The healthy bass, dramatic supporting details, creeping tempo, and no-nonsense vibe are an auditory dream. The hook is top tier as well. The delivery is fluid and the lyrics are fetching. The verses are official. All of the artists come through with one-of-a-kind flows, savvy wordplay, and gritty rhymes. They paint some vivid images of how they go about putting in work. For example J.D. “The Chief” spits: “Got bricks in the kitchen. Not the kind you build with. And my plug ain’t in the wall. But I’m connected, real s–t. Face to face if your face you don’t want to feel it. But everything is second hand. I’m not the one you deal with.” Those bars definitely make for a tough opening to the record. As a whole, this is a premium lead single.

**My Two Cents: Mad props to DSCRIBEmusic for bringing these guys together. Not a typical collaboration but everybody holds their own without question. Tio Blade kills on the production tip as well. So it is not hard to understand why “In The Kitchen” is the initial release for the upcoming third volume of Land By The Lake. The bar has been set high for sure. I can’t wait to see/hear who else got paired up to create magic for the pending collective. Stay tuned. -MinM

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