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Obliq The Architect F/ P Funk – “Talk 2 Me”

by Miracle
“Talk 2 Me” (Stream Here)

Long time affiliate Obliq The Architect (Elevated Underground) recently reached out to the site to share his latest offering. It’s a single that features fellow artist P Funk and is entitled “Talk 2 Me.” The production is handled by DillyGotItBumpin.

The production here is pleasing. It comprised of: a gentle base, soulful musical elements, a fair tempo, and a laid-back vibe. The hook is striking. The delivery is full of sincerity and the lyrics have a familiar sense of vulnerability to them. The verses compliment the tone set by the hook quite nicely. Obliq takes on the first verse and P Funk handles the second. Both artists utilize distinguishable flows, intimate wordplay, and heartfelt rhymes. They let the listener in as they bare their souls to the special ladies in their lives. Obliq shares: “You got trust issues, me too. But I’m just trying to love you right and see what that could lead to. Cause every time I’m down and out feeling depression, you show compassion. I see forever. That’s what I’m wanting. Let’s make it happen.” The transparency and emotion being put forth in those bars right there definitely hits you right in the feels. As a whole, this is a very noteworthy selection. Peep a performance clip of the sentimental track below.

**My Two Cents: “Talk 2 Me” is giving mature grown man vibes for sure. Communication is key to any relationship and is definitely something that is extremely lacking these days. Also, it’s not too often that fellas freely express themselves in the romance department. And it provides a nice change of pace from all of the turn up tracks, social media trendy cuts, etc. So big props to Obliq and P Funk for stepping outside of the norm. The performance video is valid too. Very clean and straightforward. I dig it. Show the duo some love and hit that streaming link asap. -MinM

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