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Rich P F/ Cardiac Da Pulse & LR – “Most High”

by Miracle
“Most High” (Stream Here)

Milwaukee artists have been on a major roll as of late. The outpouring of quality music is definitely something that should make the city proud. Rich P. and Cardiac Da Pulse are two of the artists that are contributing to the momentum. They recently teamed up with fellow rapper LR for a stand alone offering entitled “Most High.”

The production here is hitting. The polished foundation, appealing musical ingredients, infectious tempo, and classic vibe make for a fire combination. The hook is valid. The delivery is slick and the lyrics are straight to the point. The verses are of an A-1 quality. All three artists come with diverse flows, flashy wordplay, and personality driven rhymes. The listener can definitely tell that the trio were in the zone on this one. Peep as Rich P. spits: “Been in the lab all night. Got no sleep. Dolce shades on cause my eyes puffy. Smoking on that strong. Yeah it must be. Call it Elon cause it’s musky. Cleaner than a bar of suds. My shoulders don’t need dusting. Like Ford does I built my foundation tough.” One has to appreciate the too cool energy and the crazy reference game that is being put up in those bars right there. All in all, this is a dynamic collaboration.

**My Two Cents: “Most High” is one of the best collaborations that I’ve heard in a minute. The fellas feed off of one another with ease and the beat suits their styles perfectly. They did that. The 414 did not come to play with this last quarter of music and I’m loving it. Hit that streaming link and get “Most HIgh” into your rotation asap. -MinM

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