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https://soundcloud.com/montreyslayton/sets/7-days-of-christmas/s-Psg6m?fbclid=IwAR1kAnQIhus9qnFWwx2I2IFf-XZ15l8_7mYaiW5znguP3OGlWAg100UAD_I Happy Holidays Illixer family! This season seems to be a tough one for a lot of folks this year. But we are doing our best


(Art By DeChazier Stokes-Johnson)

Long time site favorite Son Em’ All has been missing in action for a couple of years now. He unfortunately got caught up in the Milwaukee penal system. A struggle that sadly many of our Black males know all too well. However, things are starting to look up again for the veteran emcee. He’s free and though still fighting the system in a sense, he’s also returned to the music scene. He’s got a lot to say and is kicking off his return with an EP entitled Back & Forth. The five track offering is described in the press release as a reference to: “(…) the revolving door of the Prison Industrial Complex as well as the push and pull it puts on a man and his family emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.” That sets a pretty deep tone right there. This journey into a troubled world includes production from top 414 names: DSCRIBE, Blax, and 40Mil. There are also a few guest appearances on the project as well from the likes of: Hektik, kEwii, Mic Crawf, Meccah Maloh, Rich P, and Blax. That is quite the roster of names right there. Settle in for the ride and continue reading after the break.

The Illixer's Songs Of The Year (2016) by TheIllixer The Illixer's Songs Of The Year (2015) **Editor's Note: For the fourth year in a row, The Illixer


Illixer414(Photo By Trill GFX)

Mister ParrisThe Official (EP)


Mister Parris is known in the entertainment & fashion worlds for his unique striking way with graphics/designs. He’s the mastermind behind the site’s current logo as a matter of fact. However, what some might not be aware of is the fact that he also dabbles in music. A little bit ago, he released a brand new EP produced entirely by the one and only 40Mil. The project is labeled The Official and it contains a total of nine tracks. Additionally, there are features from names such as: Jackie B, Tory Lowe, and Yo Dot. A highlight from the collective would be “The Alarm.” This is a collaboration with the controversial Tory Lowe. The song carries a strong call for the people to stand up and combat all of the violence as well as the corruption that plagues the world today. The tune is set to a smooth old school style instrumental with a slight groove to it and a conscious vibe. It’s a solid track and just one of many on the EP. Readers should definitely give the whole project a spin if they haven’t already.