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Rich P – “Window Shoppin'”

by Miracle
“Window Shoppin'” (Stream Here)

Milwaukee vet Rich P. has been teasing his supporters with single releases here and there as he prepares to get back in the game with full length projects. One of his more recent offerings is a track aptly titled “Window Shoppin’.” The tag-line for the record reveals that the theme is about the cost of success. An interesting topic for sure.

The production here is nice. The weighted bass, glossy musical details, savvy tempo, and debonair vibe pair up flawlessly together. The hook is mint too. The delivery is animated and the lyrics are memorable. The verses are concrete. Rich P. comes through with his trademark flow, satisfying wordplay, and candid rhymes. He keeps it 100 as he shares his experience with the expensiveness of prosperity. He expresses: “I don’t hold grudges. That’s part of the message. Embracing my essence. Too busy catching these blessings. All the time I put in, someone said it was destined. In the end I just want a return on my investment.” The eloquent way that Rich gives his perspective on the song’s topic is quite refreshing. As a whole, this is a first-rate selection.

**My Two Cents: Rich P. has always had a knack for delivering his content with a winning combination of intellect and charisma (J. Cole vibes). “Window Shoppin'” is a great example of that. He breaks down the costliness of being on top without being off-putting. I dig this single and I can’t wait to hear the complete projects that Rich is sitting on. Be sure to click that link at the start of the post so that you don’t miss out. -MinM

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