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Rue The Poet – Chasing The Ghost (Album Review)

by Miracle
Chasing The Ghost (Stream Here)

Rue The Poet ended his 2022 musical quarter with the release of his third studio project, Chasing The Ghost. The project consists of ten total tracks and there are notably no guest appearances. Additionally, this album sees Rue stepping out of his element by teaming up with a new producer (Alien Architect) as well as a new Grammy Award winning engineer (Dawson). Way to bring that ambitious Las Vegas energy to his music. The Illixer preivously covered the LP’s debut single “Soil & Roses.” But there were a few other tunes that won over our ears as well. Continue reading below to find out what they were and why they stood out.

“The Cruise”

The production here is golden. The clean cut bass-line, soulful musical ingredients, unhurried tempo, and mellow vibe fit effortlessly together. The hook is winning too. The delivery has personality to it and the lyrics are purposeful. The verses continue the top tier quality that is previously established. Rue The Poet serves up a conversational flow, inventive wordplay, and captivating rhymes. He transports the listener to his world. It feels like one is in the passenger side with the diverse talent as he is embarking on a late night cruise down the highway. A highlight from his evening joy ride includes: “Got to keep it pace. They say I’ve been disconnected. Highway on the I-49 in the city of the lights trying to ride my section. Cruising through reminiscing of a time when the snooze would do. Got places to go. Some things to do. My destination been way too clear for me to hit the u. But almost ran out of petro.” Those bars right there make for a picturesque opening. All in all, this is a dope playlist worthy track.

“Learn Ya A Lesson”

The production here is lit. The booming foundation, sleek background details, magnetic rhythm, and businesslike vibe are a match made in audible heaven. The hook is hard hitting too. The delivery is dripping with confidence and the lyrics are daunting. The verses are official. Rue The Poet laces the mic with a suave flow, apt wordplay, and nervy rhymes. Typically a humble spirit, Rue gives the listener a taste of his “I’m Him” energy. Peep as he spits: “It’s funny to me when you think about it. Didn’t you know I’m the COE? Head lock a dragon til’ his fire out. You better off swallowing TNT. PTSD, why would you test me? Put the mask on then I turn into Voorhees.” Quite refreshing to experience a more arrogant side of the primarily modest rapper. Plus, the horror and sports references go crazy. Overall, this selection is a site favorite for sure.

“Deer Love 414”

This is the final song on the collective. It’s a little more personal than the rest of the project as it’s an ode to the Poet’s hometown. He’s been in Las Vegas for about three years now but his heart is very much so still here in the Mil. The production here is enjoyable. The polished base, expressive musical details, neutral pacing, and inviting vibe mesh charmingly. The hook is special too. The delivery is melodic and the lyrics are heartfelt. The verses are choice. Rue The Poet dishes up an intimate flow, themed wordplay, and introspective rhymes. One can hear the homesickness in his voice as he meditates on everything from the current plight of the 414 to his fondest memories of living life in the city. An excerpt from his tribute includes: “God knows that I’m missing you lately. So I thought that I’d write out this letter. Got word that the city’s on fire. And the crime ain’t getting no better. Never lost faith in my people. Never turn my back on the root. You can find some scriptures in verses. Never turn your back on the truth.” One has to appreciate the emotion and enlightenment within those bars right there. As a whole, this makes for a pure genuine ending to the LP.

**My Two Cents: Chasing The Ghost is a dignified showing of spirituality, reflection, intellect, etc. But it’s also evidence that Rue The Poet is greatly maturing in his artistry. His wordplay has gotten more innovative. Also, he’s getting better at balancing being informative and being relatable. It opens up his appeal to a wider audience. Which is a good look for any artist. And he won by gambling with a new producer & engineer. The sound of the project is mint. I’m proud of the developments Rue is making and I know he’s got plenty more in store. I was slipping with the late review but make no mistake, Chasing The Ghost is a must hear album. So go ahead and click that link. -MinM

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