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Blakc Shiffe – “Certain Places” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

Milwaukee talent Blakc Shiffe did an impressive job of generating a buzz for himself in 2022. To the extent that he even saw some award nomination action. Not one to slow down, he’s already off to the races in 2023. He hit the site with an exclusive early listen & preview of his upcoming release, “Certain Places.” The track is a part of a collective being piloted by a well known staple in the Indie music scene, ThePlaymaker. He doesn’t just place any old artist on his radar. So that’s another major look stemming from Shiffe’s run in 2022.

The production for “Certain Places” is on point. The booming bass, sly musical ingredients, jazzy tempo, and polished vibe make for an attractive pairing. The hook is nice as well. The delivery is energetic and the lyrics are real. The verses are of a respectable quality. Blakc Shiffe dishes out a signature flow, crafty wordplay, and cautionary rhymes. He’s basically letting it be known that you have to be mindful of your surroundings these days. He warns: “If you local don’t be stunting. You ain’t local when you come through don’t be fronting. Either way you keep one up. Little n—as hunting. If you smooth, you might be cool. If you too cool, you might be food. That’s just how it go. Next time they see you be the news.” If you’re in the 414, you know he told no lies with those bars. All in all, this track has the makings of a certified hood anthem.

To make sure the single hits just right, Blakc Shiffe put together a set of visuals. The vision starts off with him showing some love to the infamous Playmaker himself. From there, Shiffe makes moves throughout the city networking and politicking. He brings the animated spirit and personality that he’s known for and appears to truly be in his element. There are some clever little special effects in the mix as well. But I think the symbolism of the video overall is what makes it so hard: Others might have to be careful but Blakc Shiffe is good wherever he chooses to grace with his presence. Overall, this is a dope watch.

**My Two Cents: Strong start for the first musical quarter of the year for Blakc Shiffe. “Certain Places” is catchy, the video is lit, and it’s part of a project that is definitely going to be seen & heard. Can’t think of a better set of circumstances for an artist to roll out their first release of the year under. I’m happy Shiffe got this opportunity and I am excited for the rest of the world to experience “Certain Places” when it drops within the next week or so. Be sure to check back for an update with links and the actual video. This is one readers do not want to miss. #WhateverItTakes -MinM

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