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Jo3.B.1 – The Cost Of Wisdom (Album Review)

by Miracle
The Cost Of Wisdom (Stream Here)

Jo3.b.1 (Joebi-Wan) is fresh face to the site with an unique origin story. He grew up in a refuge lifestyle as his parents ran a homeless shelter and church called Sonlight Mission. The facility held up to 130 people at any given time and influenced Jo3.b.1 to develop a passion for helping others. Additionally while navigating the highs & lows of the mission, Jo3 found his passion for music as well. Eventually, the mission was forced to close and Jo3 relocated to Galveston, Texas. He never quite fell back into the norms of a traditional lifestyle but retained a fondness for learning and music.

Not too long ago, he released his debut album The Cost Of Wisdom via Milwaukee based label My Family’s Everything Entertainment. The collective is a ten track offering that only contains one feature (Mr. Lloyd). Continue reading to discover how the Texas talent’s roll out sat with The Illixer.

“The Good Life”

The production here is quality. The full bass, savvy background details, mid-tempo groove, and spirited vibe make for a rewarding combination. The hook is satisfactory. The delivery is slightly melodic and the lyrics are easy to follow. A simpler approach to the delivery would give the hook just a bit more of an edge on this one. The lone verse is favorable. Jo3.b.1 comes through with a clean flow, consistent wordplay, and confident rhymes. He gives the listener an impressive glimpse of his capabilities. A couple of standout lines include: “Awaking the beast. I ain’t gonna lay in defeat. I’m shaking the streets again. Give me the mic. While y’all be f—ing around, I came to feast again. I am the light. One with the force. Jedi unleashed again.” One has to appreciate the personality that shines through in those bars right there. All in all, this is a promising start for the album.

“It Goes Down”

The production here is on point. The healthy foundation, complimentary musical elements, easy going rhythm, and determined vibe work well together. The hook is sufficient. The delivery is distinct and the lyrics are transparent. The individual verse is likable. Jo3.b.1 utilizes a flow with a unique tone, striking wordplay, and meaningful rhymes. He drops a handful of gems in a quick and notable fashion. For example he spits: “Everybody got a gat. Why everybody rapping always wanna blast something? Everybody got a past. But we got to do the math. Got to stop running. Everybody getting trashed. How many young rappers gotta pass cause of y’all stunting?” Those bars right there hold some serious weight. Overall, this is a refreshing selection found in the midst of the project.

“Let The Rain Fall”

The production here is valid. The low-key infrastructure, expressive musical ingredients, unhurried pace, and somber vibe create an old school Hip-Hop feel. The hook is fitting. The delivery is clear-cut and the lyrics are straightforward. The solitary verse is adequate. Jo3.b.1 serves up a natural flow, vulnerable wordplay, and personal rhymes. He winds things down on a reflective note as he speaks on the lows & highs of being an aspiring artist. He vents: “The struggle been played out. Tired of trying to get my name out. So many homies that done went the same route. But it gets hard manifesting a dream in the middle of a rain cloud. It gets hard to see the saturation. To see the lack of graduation cause lyricism is mad complacent.” You can feel the frustration and emotion pouring off of those lines right there. Relatable sentiments for anyone chasing their dreams and trying to be successful. As a whole, this is a worthwhile conclusion to the collective.

**My Two Cents: Jo3.b.1 definitely has a sound and style that is as unorthodox as his personal background. I dig it. The Cost Of Wisdom is a fair debut project. The production is choice and the content is solid for the most part. The hooks could use a little tweaking and the songs could be a little fuller. Especially with this being a shorter album. I have a feeling that will come with time as Jo3.b.1 continues to grow and add releases to his catalog though. If readers are looking to step outside of the box a little bit in the new year, I recommend giving The Cost Of Wisdom a spin. The site will definitely be keeping our eyes & ears on Jo3.b.1. So be sure to stay tuned. -MinM


Michael Logan January 12, 2023 - 7:16 pm

Awesome thought and musical poetic craftsmanship! “Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom.”

Chuck T Diesel January 13, 2023 - 10:57 pm

Been fuckin with Jo3 for years and I’m glad to see his music reaching more people every day! I appreciate the thoughtful review, keep up the good work


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