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A.O.B The Family F/ Lil Johnny – “All Summer”

by Miracle
“All Summer” (Stream Here)

Time for some fresh blood on the site. So readers meet A.O.B The Family. A.O.B The Family is an indie Hip-Hop faction based right here in the 414. The unit consists of a variety of members but the holding it down on the front line are: Cap’em All Bow and Mac PartYY. The hometown team has made a name for themselves by winning music competitions and putting heavy hitting live shows which saw them sharing stages with the likes of: DC Young Fly, Mario Cannon, Sada Baby, and more. The collective is currently gearing up for a comeback with the upcoming release of their mixtape, High Knights. They have two new singles in rotation at the moment and The Illixer decided to take the one dubbed “All Summer” for a spin.

The production here is a hit. The uniform foundation, plush musical elements, vibrant tempo, and mellow vibe make for a satisfying combination. The hook is on point as well. The delivery is melodic and the lyrics are easy to follow. The verses are respectable. The fellas serve up individualized flows, quick wordplay, and candid rhymes. They give a picture of what they are all about. A casual reminder to those who have been tuned in and a choice introduction to those of us new to the family. Take note as Mac spits: “I ain’t stopping for nothing and nobody. Remember they tried to treat me like a nobody. Now I act like I don’t really know nobody. At it again. I’m doing magic again. Voila then it all reappears. If you know how we sliding then put it in gear. We all up in first and they all in the rear.” There is a sincerity and rawness to those lines that just make them hit different. Overall, this is an appealing selection.

**My Two Cents: I’ve been hoping to link with A.O.B The Family for a while now. Always caught snippets of their music and performances on the socials. So I was super excited to receive this submission. They did not disappoint. “All Summer” is a groovy joint and fitting for this time of year as we are kissing the warmer weather goodbye (lol). I dig it. If readers agree, the family’s others single “Fall For That” is pretty valid too. I’d recommend giving it a spin as well. Can’t wait to see what else High Knights has in store. -MinM

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