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EnRicheD F/ King Myles – “Want It All”

by Miracle
“Want It All” (Stream Here)

A couple of years ago, veteran Milwaukee producer DSCRIBEmusic joined forces with another 414 vet, Rich P. to create a duo that they call EnRicheD. After doing a bit of promo to get people familiar with their newfound alliance, the pair are now gearing up to drop their self-titled project. Currently, they are circulating the lead single for the upcoming collective. The single is called “Want It All” and it features rapper King Myles.

The production here is dope. The clean base, eclectic musical ingredients, neutral rhythm, and down to earth vibe work harmoniously together. The hook is memorable. The delivery is striking and the lyrics are straightforward. The verses are of a choice quality. Rich P and King Myles enlist distinct flows, crafty wordplay, and intentional rhymes. They’re on a mission to keep advancing forward and to continue to obtain everything that they have coming to them. Rich P. sets the tone with lines like: “On the move. Ain’t no time for sitting. When you consider all the time that I’ve given, look at your watch and see that it’s been mine from the beginning. It’s unforgiving. In the saloon where the winners at. When you see me n—a tip your hat.” One can not deny the self-assured nature of those bars right there. As a whole, this is a smooth leading track.

**My Two Cents: So the the purpose behind EnRicheD is to bring meaningful content back to Hip-Hop without it coming off as preachy. I think “Want It All” embodies that ideal for sure. It pushes the narrative of being driven/hungry in a laid-back fashion. Also, the beat compliments the styles of the artists well. And I think Rich P. and King Myles do a seamless job of feeding off of one another. This record sets the bar for the upcoming album at a top notch level. Looking forward to hearing more from the seasoned duo. -MinM

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