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Quise Picasso – Definition Of A Gangster (Album Review)

by Miracle

Long time site affiliate Quise Picasso has decided to grace his supporters with a new project. It drops September 11, 2022 and is coined Definition Of A Gangster. The collective serves as a collaboration between the Executive Board Music Group rapper and the infamous Uno OnTha Beatz. The album consists of 14 total tracks which includes interludes that feature some history as well as words of wisdom from Old Man Frankie. There are also guest appearances from a couple of Quise PIcasso’s closest peers. The Illixer got a chance to listen to the full offering early before it becomes available to the general public. Continue reading to see how the effort landed with the site.

“Bully Flow”

The production here is classic. The grounded foundation, dramatic musical elements, unhurried tempo, and serious vibe fit together smoothly. There is no hook on this track. The pacing allows for this to work out with no issues. The extended verse is of a first-rate quality. Quise Picasso utilizes a rugged flow, valid wordplay, and nervy rhymes. He gives the listener a candid demonstration of why he is one of the top enforcers when it comes to the Rap game. He spits: “Aye f–k you Rap n—as. A lot of y’all is just a bunch of frauds. Pretending to be steppers but a bunch of broads. From ya gimmicks to ya image, you ain’t nothing hard. Even if I gave you n—as work you wouldn’t punch a card.” One can not deny the tough nature of those bars right there. All in all, this is a gratifying effort. There is a visual for this selection. The video was directed by Inferno (HighRize Inc.). Take a peek below.

“Reminisce” F/ Bricks

The production here is charming. The consistent base, groovy background components, mild-mannered rhythm, and old-school vibe make for an effortless combination. The hook is likable. The delivery is clean and the lyrics are personable. The verses are tastefully executed. Both artists unique flows, detailed wordplay, and reflective rhymes. They take the listener on an engaging trip down memory lane as they speak on times gone by. A highlight from Quise Picasso’s recollection includes: “I remember vividly, no thoughts of this industry. Just another ghetto boy, running full of energy. Nobody cared about our stupid mistakes. We were too busy playing tag, cans, and hooping on crates. Or flirting with the girls playing double dutch. Now that I think about it, nothing much ever troubled us.” The imagery put forth in those bars right there is everything. Overall, this is a dope tune as well as a site favorite.

“Robbery Season” F/ Omari Kamau

The production here is on point. It consists of: a low-set bass, heavy musical ingredients, an uniform tempo, and a no-nonsense vibe. The hook is catchy. The delivery has a mocking tone to it but the lyrics are not to be taken lightly at all. The verses are adequate. Quise Picasso dishes out a gritty flow, edgy wordplay, and cut-throat rhymes. He puts the world on notice that he’s out to get his by any means necessary. A few standout lines from his warning include: “Once she tell me who was worth a brick, I’m coming back dispersing clips as I jerk the fifth. See it’s amazing how you n—as lack. I swear a little piece of a** a get you n—as jacked. I figured that.” Those bars are definitely giving it’s a cold world energy. As a whole, this is a lit offering.

**My Two Cents: I’ve been craving a strong street project and Quise Picasso delivers for sure with Definition Of A Gangster. He really showed up and showed out for the OG’s. The interludes do an excellent job of complimenting the themes of the album. The guest appearances are all well matched. And the content is versatile in subject matter but every track still manages to maintain that hood element. I am here for all of it. Definition Of A Gangster officially drops on the 11th of this month. I promise you don’t want to sleep on this one. Quise Picasso and Uno OnTha Beatz are a dangerous duo. For all booking and business inquiries, please reach out to management at Tony Star Media Group via tonystarmedia@gmail.com or via 262-895-5205. Rest in power to Quise’s brothers: Oil Base and Hollywood. -MinM

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Slab 7 Music Group September 3, 2022 - 3:15 am

Dope ass write! This write just made me decide to go back to the drawing board and revamp my next albums set up, plus I know QP be coming with it. Blessings as you continue forwards in this journey!


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