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The Secrets Of How To Heal A Broken Rose By Riviera Lambert

by Miracle
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Came upon the opportunity to bring something a little different to the site. Readers meet author Riviera Lambert. Lambert grew up in Illinois. She specializes in Health Information Technology and has a seven year old son. Growing up in a troubled household, Lambert decided early on that she wanted to help others who’ve been in her situation or similar situations learn how to cope with abuse, depression, and other forms of trauma. Ultimately, she is looking to help others heal and go on to break unhealthy generational cycles. As part of this mission, Lambert recently released a book entitled The Secrets Of How To Heal A Broken Rose.

The Secrets Of How To Heal A Broken Rose is described as a detailed guide on how to heal from trauma. The book centers around the concept of identifying different types of trauma by using the metaphor of gardening as a means to help an individual mend. It highlights the fact that parents, friendships, and romantic relationships can cause trauma to your life. It gives input on how to pick up the pieces and the steps to take on the journey towards: self-improvement, peace, and inner happiness. The ideals are ones that Lambert has used to better herself as well as assist others. She decided to embark on this venture because she didn’t have an outlet of her own growing up. She was forced to pretend that everything was fine. This led to a toxic early adulthood with negative relationships and a repeat of poor lifestyle patterns. Now she is able to exist and love in a much healthier fashion.

These days everyone is going through some type of ordeal or just looking for ways to grow closer to becoming the best version of themselves. Myself included. So I am definitely in full support of Riviera Lambert and her efforts. I think readers should consider giving the book a glance. Those interested in checking out The Secrets Of How To Heal A Broken Rose can purchase the book via any of the links provided at the top of the post. We definitely need more uplifting resources like this in the world. -MinM

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